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Among the unlimited tourist attractions and vacation opportunities, Los Angeles has a select few that can be found nowhere else in the world. One of these is the Venice Beach stretch. This is a three-mile walkway where you will encounter every possible aspect of the Los Angeles lifestyle. You will encounter the normal everyday individual walking through the crowds, just enjoying him or herself, as well as the unusual natives of the area, sporting full body tattoos, painted faces, costumes and wacky hair-do’s. You never know what you are going to run into on Venice beach.

The overview is as the name insinuates, a massive beach-line along the shore of the majestic and awe-inspiring Pacific Ocean. Though there are many great times to be had on the beach, the real interest is in the walkway. This is an open presentation of thousands of different types of individual entertainment. There are also city-sponsored events held quite often.

One example of the massive choice of entertainments is the musical world of Venice beach. You will see street performers of every variety. There will be simple guitar players, violinists, singers, and even dancers. There are thousands of performers of other types too, from the normal to the highly unusual. There are mimes, jugglers, magicians, and comedians. Very rarely do you hear about a normal day on Venice Beach. For the shoppers in your group, there are a number of shops along the Venice Beach walkways, including candy stores, souvenir shops, and gift shops of every type.

If sports are your thing, there are a number of courts available for public use, such as basketball or tennis, and even volleyball. Often there are people walking around gathering others to form a team for the day. If you are more of a watcher than a player, there are often large crowds standing around the courts enjoying the games. If the bodybuilding end of sports gets your blood pumping, there is an area of the beach specifically for bodybuilders, complete with weights and workout equipment. If you tend to lean towards the extreme spectrum of sporting activities, you can either watch the skateboarders do intricate and dangerous tricks, or bring your own board and do the stunts yourself!

Before visiting scenic Venice beach, be sure to check the event calendar as there is always some new and interesting event being held by the Venice Beach Chamber of Commerce.

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