Vacationing In San Diego

by Thomas Burtonelli

San Diego is touted as a tremendous vacation destination. As a local, I can tell you it is. From family events to a vibrant nightlife, there is something for everyone and you’ll never get bored.

Viva la Mexico! San Diego sits on the border with Tijuana just to the south. TJ, as it is known, is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of drug crime lately, so make sure to check with locals on that status before heading down.

Now for something completely different. You haven’t lived until you’ve gone grunion hunting. Grunion are little fish that come up on the beach to breed in the middle of the night during full moons. You chase them. Adult beverages are recommended.

San Diego has the Padres. They’re a professional baseball team. They’re not very good, but it really doesn’t matter. San Diego has a new baseball stadium that is amazing. Petco Park. You can even bring a dog while catching a game.

Love a good slab of meat? Prime rib specifically? Try Bully’s in Del Mar. This dingy bar/restaurant has been a famous gathering place for years for locals looking for prime rib that is simply mouth watering.

Given its location, you probably will not find it surprising San Diego is known for its Mexican food. Everyone has their favorite place, but some of the best are in Eden Gardens within Solana Beach. Authentic and inexpensive. Give it a try.

San Diego and beaches are two terms that go together. There are lots of little beaches. If you want a beach with a bit of a hippie vibe, Ocean Beach is the place. From head shops to beer bars, OB has a little something for everyone.

Looking for something really different? How about bull fighting? They don’t allow it in San Diego, but you can hop across the border and catch it in Tijuana. The bull ring is located on the coast to the west of the city.

This represents only a tiny list of the many things you can do in San Diego. I’ve lived here for 30 plus years and still find new things to do. People are friendly. The place is beautiful and fun is available at just about every turn. See you soon, dude!

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