Tips to Saving Money on Your Car Rental

by Vince Paxton

Planning and booking a vacation can be a lot of work and money. With the expense of plane tickets, hotels and car rentals, you could be left with little spending money once you get to your destination. That’s why most people are looking for ways to save on their vacation costs. Every bit counts so it pays to do some work to save money. You can end up saving enough money on some costs so you can splurge on other things such as a nicer hotel or eating out at nicer restaurants.

Car rental can be a large part of your holiday budget. Not only can the rental rate add up but the costs of insurance and fees can be double the rental rate. There are some things you can do to get better rates and lower your overall rental costs. Here are some tips to getting the best rental rates.

Searching for Rental Car Rates

The internet is a great resource for researching rental car rates. There are travel websites such as Travelocity and Expedia that will help you price compare. Simply specify your rental dates and the sites will display available car models and rates for various car rental companies. You will easily be able to see what the best price is for the size and model of car your want. Keep in mind that some car companies reserve special rates for customers who book directly so it’s worth visiting car rental websites as well.

Rental Discounts and Coupons

On top of finding the best daily rate, there are many discounts available such as senior, corporate and auto club discounts. There are also car rental coupons that are usually virtual coupons meaning that there isn’t anything tangible needed to redeem. For both discounts and car rental coupons, there is a code that is needed when booking the reservation. For discounts, you’ll need to get the code beforehand from your auto club or other eligible organization. Coupons will have a discount or rate code on them that will need to be entered.

Car rental coupons may have eligibility requirements such as being part of the company’s loyalty program. There are other coupons that anyone is eligible for and these are easy to find. Simply perform an online search for car rental coupons and you should be able to find ones that meet your needs. Keep in mind that coupons will have specifications for usage such as weekend or weekly rentals. There are also sometimes advanced booking requirements. Read the fine print carefully.

To find the best car rental deal, search the internet for low rates and coupons. You can save money on your rental so you’ll have more spending money on your holiday. This is true if you’re looking for a car hire in Malaga or Colorado.

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