Tips for Renting a Holiday Villa in Crete

by Steve Woodward

Crete is the largest of all the Greek Islands, yet is only the fifth largest one to be found in the Mediterranean Sea. Of all the islands which form Greece this is one of those where visitors will return year after year so that they can further explore what the island has to offer.

Getting to Crete has improved and today there are three airports on the island where flights from all over Europe come into, they are Heraklion, Akrotiri and Sitia. Plus there are two major ports on the island which are often used by many cruise liners as a port of call as they cruise around the Mediterranean. The great thing about the airports is that they are located within easy travelling distance of all the islands major resorts.

But as well as have over 1,000km of coastline for you to explore there is so much more that can one see and do on a holiday to this Greek island. Compared to some other islands in the Mediterranean Crete is extremely mountainous.

In the western part of the island is Lefka Ori (White Mountain) and which 2,453 m tall is. Then in the heart of the island is Psiloritis (Mount Idi) this is the tallest mountain to be found on the island as is 2,456 m tall. Then on the eastern end of the island you will find Mount Dikti which only reaches a height of 2,148m. But as well as these mountains there are also the Cretan ones which run the complete length of the island and which help to make it look far bigger than it really is.

To get away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches during the summer head up to Lake Kournas and just take in its splendid vistas. At the same as you wander around the shores of the lake why not stop and take a rest in one of its many taverns.

Most people will visit Crete during the height of the summer season and when the heat is at its hottest. Throughout the months of July and August the temperatures during the day very rarely go below 100 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Centigrade). Plus you will need to get to the beaches early if you want to make sure you have space to lie down and relax.

If you want to avoid all this hassle but still have great weather then it is worth considering visiting the Island of Crete in October. During this month there is still plenty of sunshine to be enjoyed, but also the heat is that much more bearable as well.

Along with spending time relaxing on one of the many beaches to be found on Crete there are plenty of places to visit that you can learn more about the islands history. The most popular attractions on the island are Knossos Palace and Phaestos Palace which clearly shows how the Minoans who originally inhabited this island lived.

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