The Walk of Fame, The Los Angeles Pathway to the Stars


Imagine walking in the footsteps of such great Hollywood celebrities as Jerry Lewis, Angela Bassett, Ricky Martin, Steven Schwartz and Dean Martin. You can achieve this, literally, by simply making Los Angeles your vacation destination this year and trotting down through the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The walk of fame is a monument of sorts to the decades of Hollywood actors and actresses that have provided great entertainment for millions of people over the years. The concept of the Walk of fame came about in the late 1950’s when a gentleman named Oliver Weismuller came up with the idea of setting aside a particular Los Angeles sidewalk where famed actors and actresses would actually put their footprints and hand prints into the concrete for visitors to see.

You will find the Hollywood walk of fame on both sides of Hollywood boulevard and also both sides of Vine Street. Today, there are over 1000 actors, and actresses name, footprints and handprints on these walkways. You can also find other forms of entertainer’s names here, such as singers, comedians, and musicians.

Today, over five hundred thousand individuals walk along this famed sidewalk every single year. Most of them stop at particular favorite actors, actresses or performers spots along the way and measure their own footprints and handprints to their favorite role models. The Walk of fame is an overall favorite for Los Angeles vacationers. At some point, most travelers make sure to set aside an hour or so to take a walk down this renowned fairway.

If vacationing with your family, you will be thrilled with the variety of high-profile shopping opportunities down the Walk of fame, as well many fine dining establishments, coffee shops and caf’s for your cuisine pleasure.

This year, as you throw out the possibilities for the perfect summer vacation to your family, be sure to mention Los Angeles as an option. There are thousands of celebrity attractions that will keep your family in awe for days on end.

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