The Definition of Inspiration at the Dallas Museum of Art


Art is a fascinatingly intriguing subject. How exactly can one truly define what art is? You cannot say that only paintings are art, but then, you can say that some paintings are not art. It takes more than a paintbrush or even a sculpting chisel to create true art. It takes a culmination of two separate things. First, there must be inspiration. An uninspired work of art is nothing more than parchment and paint or a rock perhaps. Secondly, and most importantly, there must be passion. The artist must put his heart and soul into making the work of art more than just another print or vase. Every effective and true artist must put a bit of himself into his work for it to be considered art, and this is exactly the kind of art that you will find at the Dallas Museum of Art.

The Dallas Museum of Art has a deep understanding that the word art encompasses a great many genres, styles and types. Painting can be art, as can drawing. But then, music can be art too. This amazing institution has a deeper realization that art begins and ends with the senses. True art can come in any form that is visual, verbal, and any other sense related manner. Even food can be art. This art museum truly encompasses every possible form of art known to man.

On the food aspect of art, the Dallas Museum of Art offers its visitors some very refined and wonderful cuisine. There are actually two different places to eat in this establishment. One is the Atrium Caf. This is more of a place to eat with the kids in between the many exhibits here. For the true artistic culinary cuisine, there is the Seventeen Seventeen Restaurant. Here you will find artistically created food by some of Dallas Texas’ greatest chefs. Not only is the taste a culinary artistic expression, but so is the actual presentation of the food.

The art located within the many halls here is nothing short of exquisite in nature, as the artists are of only the highest quality. The works of some of Americas, as well as the world’s, more notable artists are on display here. One such exhibit is that of the work of famed artists Wendy and Emery Reves. This is an amazing collection of paintings, furniture, sculptured works, ceramics, and metal art and textile art from two of the worlds most talented all around artists. You will be amazed that two people could create such an amazing variety of different forms of art.

The lists of endless exhibits goes on and on in a seemingly never-ending whirlwind of talent and artistic skill. There are permanent exhibits from all over the world, such as China, Japan, Bermuda, Europe, Africa, and, of course, America. There are also exhibits of music, as the Dallas Museum of Art hosts numerous musical festivals throughout the year, the most popular being the Dallas Jazz Festival.

If you are one of the special people that can tell the difference between a painting and a work of art, the type of person that can actually feel the inspiration and power behind an artistic expression, then you need to make it a point to come to the home of true art this year at the Dallas Museum of Art in Dallas Texas!

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