The California Fair, The Ultimate Sacramento Vacation Experience


Every single year for approximately half a month over a million visitors come from far and wide, from all over the United States and sometimes from more distant locations, to visit what is globally recognized as the words greatest fair. This is the California State fair held in lovely Sacramento California, and has been the pinnacle of all fairs for over one hundred and fifty consecutive years. What is it about this fair that makes it different from the thousands of others that are held throughout the United States on an annual basis?

One notable and original aspect of this fair is the size. It has, in the past, been described as a complete village within the city of Sacramento. This is not your average state fair either. Instead of a couple of things to see and a dozen or so rides to choose from, the California State fair consists of hundreds of various attractions and even more rides and shops. The point of the fair is to impact visitors with a statement of the diversity of the California lifestyle.

Of the many notable attractions of the past, one would simply expect that an event surrounding the California lifestyle would have an exhibition of wine. One would not be disappointed, as each year the fair provides a wine garden for the adult visitors over the age of twenty-one. In this section you will be able to taste and purchase high profile wines and elegant cheeses in a masterfully created faux garden. This particular attraction will leave you feeling as if you were among the wealthy that would normally attend a wine tasting exhibition.

For the kids, there is the Toytopia World of Toys exhibit. This is an attraction wherein a complete expo center has been set aside for interactive exhibits based on the mystical and magical realm of imagination through toys. There is even a theatre present here, where the kids can sit and laugh through many shows with their favorite toy characters brought to life by masterful actors. Often, the children will be shocked and delightfully surprised to find that there are actual real Hollywood movie stars present for the shows. In the past, there have been such amazing talents as Bill Farmer, the voice of Yosemite Sam, Bugs Bunny, Goofy and Pluto. Also, for the kids viewing pleasure, there have been such celebrity exhibitions as the “Team No Limit” street motorbike stunt rider’s team. This one really got the kids wound up for an all around good time.

For the fine cuisine lovers, past events have proven that every year there is something for the connoisseur of fine dining. One such even was the California Food style exhibition. Here local individuals and restaurants provided tons of delectable foodstuffs for judging and for visitor consumption. The food varied from fine appetizers to delicious desserts. Each year there are many similar contests and eatable exhibits for your dining pleasure.

If you want to get below the surface of the tourist attractions and find the true heart of the sunshine state of California, then you can find it at the California State Fair in Sacramento California.

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