The Austin Zoo, A Sanctuary for Animals


There are literally thousands of zoos in the continental United States to choose from. Of course, this is due mostly to the popularity of the zoo as a recreation event or a vacation getaway option. Nevertheless, there is one zoo that exists for a far more noble cause than just a way to entertain people and to draw in the tourist dollars. This is the Austin Zoo, and for the animal lover, the most honorable and notable animal wildlife institution in the world.

The Austin Zoo exists for one overall cause, and that is to provide a safe haven for animals that are in danger, in need of help, or just abused in general. It is more of a sanctuary than a zoo, providing a safe environment where abused and injured animals can be restored to health through love, nurturing, and proper care. You know that this is a selfless venture, as the Austin Zoo is a one hundred percent non-profit organization. The Zoo exists for no other reason to help animals in need. When choosing your vacation spot this season, make it one where the attraction has a purpose, an overall noteworthy cause.

The Zoo was born in the late 1970’s as the concept of the Carraoccio family. This husband, wife and sister team dedicated more than twenty acres of their own land, as a refuge for animals that were in dire straits for one reason or another, be it abuse or just harsh situations in general. It was, at the time, named the good Day Ranch. In the early 1990’s people began to see the noble efforts of this family and began to donate money to the cause. By 1992 the Good Day Ranch ceased to exist and became the Austin Zoo.

Originally, this notable agency took in mostly local type animals, such as horses and goats, but these days there are over three hundred different species of animals from around the world for your viewing pleasure. The major difference between this and other zoos is that you can actually learn the true story of each particular animal, of the life it led and how this noble establishment saved it.

One of the many wondrous varieties of animals to be seen here is the extremely rare white Bengal Tiger. This is a creature with a sad history. Before the testing of man, they never existed. They are the creation of inbreeding and genetic experimentation. Zoos and private owners today know that the only way to keep white tigers in existence is to make sure that they breed within their own family. The rarity of these poor creatures insures that the owners make money, but the side effects of the inbreeding are sometimes very horrible. One such aspect is the misaligned vision. All White Bengal Tigers are born with vision problems. To force these creatures to continue breeding is an affront to nature, and the Austin Zoo has taken it upon itself to rescue the creatures from as many places as possible.

If you are a true lover of wildlife and cannot stand to see an abused animal, then this great and noble zoo is the place for you. Come and visit and even make a donation to the Austin Zoo if you can, no matter how little. Don’t just stand by and let the abuse go on. Make a difference by visiting the Austin Zoo in Austin Texas and teach your children the value of an animal’s life.

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