Taking a Holiday in Austria

Austria is a landlocked country surrounded on all sides by other European and Eastern European countries which include Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. The capital of this very beautiful and dramatic country is Vienna which is located on the banks of the River Danube.

But certainly the architecture in the country’s capital Vienna and Salzburg is extremely interesting this country has so much more to offer to those who choose to visit it. Along with its mountains there are lakes and rivers where one can participate in a variety of different outdoor activities from mounting climbing and skiing to kayaking.

However, when you actually visit Austria will depend largely on just what sorts of activities it is you want to do whilst there. If you want to go hiking or mountain biking then the summer is the ideal time for your holiday. But for those who are interested in skiing or snowboarding of winter is the best time to plan your holiday to Austria.

Generally the warmest weather occurs during the months of April and October, but be prepared and take some warm clothing as occasionally April and October can be slightly colder than the rest. However, if you are someone who has problems with heat avoid the months of July and August as this is when the temperatures can become unbearable. Plus the costs of accommodation etc. generally go up during this month’s as it is the height of the summer season in Austria.

Another reason why you should not consider visiting Austria during the months of July and August is that because of the heat many of the major attractions in the major cities are closed. So if you were wanting to visit the opera or take in the Spanish Riding School then this is not the time.

But although these attractions may be closed there are plenty of other things for one to do and see whilst in Austria. Certainly for Austria there are music festivals taking place throughout the year. The first ones begin in January in Vienna with the New Year concerts and lavish balls. Then in February the Fasching (Shrovetide Carnival) takes place which helps the Viennese people celebrate the return of spring.

As well as the festivals already mentioned another important one in the Austrian calendar takes place on the 2nd Thursday after Whitsun to celebrate Corpus Christi. In places such as Salzkammergut rather than the carnival taking place in the town instead it is held on the lake. But of all the music festivals which take place in Austria throughout the year the major one is the Wiener Festwochen which starts in May and continues through until the middle of June.

As you can see from above if you do decide to go on holiday to Austria there is more to do than just the skiing and mountain climbing. There are things for those who are after a little more culture and there are things which one can do which allow you to just relax and unwind.