So you like Montecristo cigars

by Trevor Wallace

Montecristo cigars first began to be produced in 1935 by a man named Garcia Menendez in Havana, Cuba. At this particular time, he was also the owner of the H. Upmann cigar brand which was extremely popular. The name for the Montecristo cigars came from the novel, the Count of Monte Christo which was very popular reading during that time, especially among those that rolled cigars.

The Montecristo No 2 and Montecristo No 4 are one of the popular Cuban cigar models from this brand. I enjoy this brand because it not only offers various aromas and fine construction, but the taste is amazing especially when you get to the end of the cigar. The draws are smooth on all of Montecristo models that makes it stand out and this is a definite factor in it’s popularity around the globe.

During the 1940s, a tube cigar was added but it wasn’t until after nationalization that things began to change. In 1959, Manuel Gonzalez was assigned as a floor manager in the factory and he began to add the new cigars that are now available under the Montecristo cigars brand. Even as late as 2007, new cigars continued to be released with the latest being the Edmundo Dantes.

Montecristo cigars have also stepped away from the hand rolled tradition to a certain extent and have added three different machine rolled cigars into the mix, the mini, the Purito and the club. Of all of the Montecristo cigars that are in existence, however, the Montecristo number 4 is not only the best-known cigar that is rolled by this company, it is the world’s best-selling cigar.

Although this particular cigar generally gives a great smoke with a lot of unique taste, it is also reported that there are inconsistencies at times, even within a particular box. Regardless of what anyone says, the Montecristo will always be a great cigar.

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