Montreal Tourism Shows Off World-Class City

by Peter Wilson

If you want a vacation spot with something for everyone in your family, visit Montreal. This Canadian city will give you a world-class experience you will long remember.

Blending English and French cultures and language, Montreal can give you North American amenities with European flair. You will want to take a walking tour of the city to get a feel for its cosmopolitan flair. Montreal once hosted the Olympic Games and still has all the amenities to satisfy the world traveler. Take your camera as there is a lot to see.

If art is your thing, visit the Fonderie Darling Art Museum. It is a world-class museum with many programs geared toward promoting young Canadian artists.

Make sure you visit the Just For Laughs Museum, a comedy and humor museum. You probably didn’t know Montreal has a reputation for humor. This stop will make the rest of your trip lighthearted.

One of the best attractions in Montreal is the Biodome, which opened in 1992. Animals and plants live inside in climates designed to match their ecosystem. For the younger set, there is the Zoo Ecomuseum, with its 110 varieties of animals, and the Parc Safari, which has more than 700. An amusement park and beach are nearby for added fun.

The Montreal Botanical Gardens has 22,000 species of plants for you to enjoy. Many people think it is the best such garden in the world, so be sure to allow time to visit.

If you love history, go to the Stewart Museum. It has many temporary exhibits, so you don’t know what you will see, but it is guaranteed to be worthwhile. You can also see the permanent exhibit of maps, weaponry, scientific instruments and other artifacts.

Even with so much to see, you have to stop and rest sometime. Never fear, Montreal tourism has just what you need, from economical motels, to cozy bed-and-breakfast inns to five-star hotels. The Sir Montcalm is a luxurious four-star inn that retains its quaint charm. The Queen Elizabeth Hotel at Fairmont that is both elegant and convenient: It is connected to an underground shopping center that is 30-km long. Get your shopping fix and find wonderful souvenirs for your family and friends. Be sure to pick up something for yourself too. You’ll want to remember this trip.

Of course, a world-class city has world-class food. Restaurants abound in Montreal, from fast-food restaurants, to local eateries to the finest restaurants. There is something for all palates. Try to sample the wonderful cuisine of French Canada.

With its mix of cultures, a trip to Montreal is like visiting no other city in the world. Come and be amazed at this city that seems like a different world. You will be back soon for more adventures.

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