Miami Florida Jungle Island: Southern Safari In Miami

What vacation fan has not, at one time or another, dreamt of a faraway excursion into a foreign jungle on a safari? If an adventure vacation is your goal this year, you will want to place Miami’s exciting Jungle Island on your list. This is not some zoo where all the creature wildlife is penned up and there is nothing to do but walk around and look at the exhibits. This is an interactive park where you actually walk amongst the majority of the wildlife, interacting with the animals on a one to one basis.

Early on, Jungle Island was merely a bird habitat started in 1936 by outdoor enthusiast Franz Scherr. Today, however, this is more than just your average aviary. Now it is home to over one thousand varieties of tropical birds, two thousand important plant types, and all kinds of other creatures. The birds that live here are in no way caged.

They fly free and come and go as they please. The setup of the park was created in a manner that the birds, once released here, would feel no need to go anywhere else and thus make Jungle Island their home.

There is much more than just birds to be seen here, though. There are activities such as spots where you can feed the birds and the fish life. You can work side by side with the local caretakers and trainers and actually interact with the birds. There are many shows here too, such as the Winged Wonders where the birds actually put on a show for onlookers. You will absolutely marvel at the amazing symphony that these birds put on just for you and your family.

On the Jungle Island Beach, you will find a fantastic activity for the whole family. This is known far and wide as ‘The Hippo.” This is an amazing three-story tall water slide where you will experience a forty-degree drop straight down until the slide starts gradually leveling off towards the bottom. Be sure and bring a towel or two and bathing suits for this one, because you will definitely get wet.

Of course, if you stay to see the entire park you will be there for the better part of a day. With this in mind, the park has made it possible for you to do just that via the Lakeside Caf. This is a nice restaurant on the shores of Flamingo Lake. The food here is all freshly made and of high quality. You can either lounge around inside the restaurant or experience the outdoor caf. Most folks prefer the outdoor option as the lake is always crowded with beautiful and majestic flocks of rare pink flamingos.

If the safari has always been a dream of yours, or if you just like a good day long interactive activity, then the Jungle Island Park in Miami Florida is definitely a great place for you to come and bring friends and family.