International Travel – Discovering the cultures around the world.

by Neil J. Daniel

Once only the province of the wealthy and famous, international travel is now far more prevalent as technology has reduced costs and made it possible for the number of people to travel the world to increase dramatically. You do not need not be rich to engage in traveling this way; a well-planned itinerary is as close as your computer keyboard plus you can find a good airfare if you plan ahead and travel in the of peak seasons, generally in fall and spring.

Of course if you want the best deals to Europe for instance then you will need to book in the fall or winter but there are still a number of places that you can visit that have mild winter climates like Southern France, Greece, Italy and Spain If you are planning an extended trip then you need to consider renting private apartments and houses which should be less expensive and easy to locate online.

There is no need to think that you will suffer without facilities like the internet, fully equipped kitchens, telephone either. Of course making use of the kitchen will save some money if you have your breakfast there every morning before you spend the day exploring the local sights.

With your own laundry facilities it is easy to keep your washing clean and if there is internet access you can send your friends e-cards which won’t cost anything. Experiencing a different culture is a great adventure and it’s the little things that really reach out and grab you; for example, European society is similar in many ways to American society but daily priorities are quite different.

Unfortunately Americans have fallen into the habit of often eating on the move or just rushing and don’t make it the family affair that they do in many European countries which it must be said is a more pleasurable experience. Try new things; walk around your neighborhood and discover the bookstore, grocer, hardware, night club or restaurant and neighborhood businesses reflect the tempo of life in your chosen destination.

International travel exposes you to new cuisines and you may never taste an authentic Spanish Paella, French Pistou or Italian pizza unless you take the leap and immerse yourself in your travel destination of choice. Making the most of where you are staying is an important part of being an international traveler so when you are in cities make use of their transport systems which are generally very efficient and cheap.

With today’s many restrictions on baggage, plan for only carry-on luggage that way you will avoid lost luggage and the dreaded walking and waiting time at the carousel. However, if this is how you like to travel then restricting how much you carry with you is paramount and being able to fit everything you need into hand luggage can save a great deal of time at the airport.

Careful planning means you can pack everything you need for a month’s stay anywhere in a carry-on and it’s just as easy to find a foreign equivalent of an American drugstore and pick up any toiletries you may need. The less you take with you, the more adventurous it becomes and finding a new exciting destination is as easy as clicking a button.

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