Honolulu on a Budget, Save money on your trip

by Juble.com

In most cases, the destination of the average family vacation is not decided on what place has the nicest hotels, the most scenic views, or any other attraction that is present in any given area. More often than not, it is decided by the budget. In the end, the cheapest getaway spot is generally the one that wins out. Unfortunately, it is not always the type of vacation that you would prefer. The everyday citizen, the nine to five blue-collar type, simply cannot afford to go running off to the best vacation destinations in the world. He or she just does not have that kind of money. Nevertheless, many would be surprised to find that all the great vacation spots do not have to cost an arm and a leg, if one is clever enough to do the research first.

Let’s take Honolulu Hawaii for example. This lovely city located on the scenic tropical island of Oahu is one of the world’s premier vacation spots for the rich and famous. Everyone loves the beaches and the palm trees. Most average citizens do not even consider this as a destination. They automatically assume that the trip is going to be way out of their budget, so it isn’t even contemplated. This, however, is not entirely the truth. If you can afford a plane ticket to get to Honolulu and accommodations when you get there, you can find a fairly reasonably priced vacation awaiting you.

Take a look at the beaches, for instance. Oahu beaches, particularly those around the city of Hawaii, are all absolutely free. There is no cost to lie upon the beach, soaking up the sunshine. The scenic view of the turquoise water with majestic white-crusted waves is one hundred percent free. The children’s sand castles that they build cost nothing at all, nor does the fun they have splashing around at the waters edge. It’s completely free for the taking.

Then there are attractions such as the Diamond Head Hiking trail. A walk along this trail up the side of a majestic volcano is yours for the taking at no charge, nor is the lovely waterfalls trail that leads an hour into the forest to a massive two hundred foot waterfall. So far this would, at this point, make for the vacation of a lifetime, and you still haven’t spent a single dime on attractions!

As restaurants go, of course, there are going to be some expensive places to eat in a massive city such as Honolulu, but then, in a city of this size, you can always expect to find the more affordable chain restaurants also. After all, who doesn’t like a good McDonalds Hamburger every once in a while? And then, when you consider how much money that you have actually saved on the attractions up to this point, you will be able to treat yourself to something extra on the trip. You can choose from numerous water parks, amusement parks, museums, and other attractions. You may even be surprised to find how affordable these can actually be.

This year, when planning your budget vacation, do not automatically knock out the worlds number one vacation spot just because you assume you can’t afford it. Do a little bit of research and find out that Honolulu Hawaii may go beyond being a dream, and become a dream come true.

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