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Tropical Museums:- Who would ever think that a tropical paradise such as Honolulu Hawaii would have museums? When most consider this place as their vacation getaway spot, they look to the beaches and the crystal clear waters for their attractions. The museum is hardly ever even a consideration. The reality of it is that the Museums of Honolulu are some of the best attractions you can choose. This is largely due to the very colorful history of the Hawaiian Islands. Also, for a museum to survive in an environment where museums would rarely even be considered as an activity, the Honolulu Museums have to make theirs far more interesting than the average one. If you are considering visiting one of these fine establishments, be prepared to get a different and exciting tropical museum experience.

The Bishop Museum:- One example of the above and beyond museums that calls the city of Honolulu home is that of the Bishop Museum. This establishment is mostly Hawaii oriented with just a touch from the outside world. The museum was originally the concept of a gentleman named Charles Reed Bishop, a man that had a passion for the history of Hawaii. In the late 1800’s, Bishop brought his dream of creating the first Hawaiian museum to fruition as the Bishop Museum opened its’ doors for the first time. This museum features everything from exhibits surrounding the original ancient island royal family to Native American artifacts, such as arrowheads, tomahawks, and even authentic pottery. The price will undoubtedly make this the most affordable excursion on your vacation at fifteen dollars for adults and twelve for senior citizens and young children. All kids under the age of three get to enjoy the museum for free.

The Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center:- The city of Honolulu would never leave the children out in the fun, thus offering the child thrilling Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center. This, again, is not your traditional museum. Everything here is created just for the little ones in your family or group. This fun filled center revolves around presenting four basic principles to the younger vacationers. These are exploration, discovery, imagination and dreaming. There are tons of possibilities of fun four your children here. The best part is that the majority of exhibits here are interactive. Children learn and remember by being involved, not merely standing back and watching. If you will set aside a couple of hours, not much in a week long vacation, then your children will have memories that will stay with them for year to come.

The Honolulu Academy of Arts:- For the art lovers, you will find yourself right at home at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. This highly esteemed art museum serves as the ultimate collection of art in the Hawaiian Islands. An American Association of Museums accredited institution; renowned art lover Anna Rice Cooke established this particular museum in the early 1900’s. The Honolulu Academy of Arts holds over fifty thousand different works of art in an all-encompassing variety. You will find paintings, photographic art, sculpture, carvings and so much more. The majority of it is culturally related to the Hawaii experience.

If you have never considered making the museums of Hawaii an important stop on your list of attractions to visit, do so on your next visit. You will find that you will leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world of Tropical Art.

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