Honolulu Hawaii Outdoor Activities

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Touring Oahu

The Oahu Island home of the famed city of Honolulu is a very large place. To be exact, it is the second largest in all of the Hawaiian Islands. There are sights here that most vacationers tend to miss out on, simply because they choose to not venture far from the hotel room, resort, or beachfront. This is truly a shame, as some of the more scenic areas of this region tend to be off the beaten path a bit. Nevertheless, for those with an adventurous spirit and a need to see it all, there is an option that will allow them to see the most scenic spots in all of the Island of Oahu.

Oahu is home to so very many wonderful and thorough tour companies that have sought out the most amazing spots that will be candy to your sense of sight. Each tour company wants to have its’ own angle to attract more customers and offer something different, so they each have particular areas that they work in and particular spots that most people never get to see.

Journey to the North Shore

Take the Oahu Nature Tours Company for example. One of the excellent tours that they feature is called the North Shore Adventure. Of course, everyone can easily find the North shore, so a simple tour of one beachfront would not be much of an experience. However, consider the fact that to get there the Oahu Nature Tours Company will take you over the scenic Ko’olau Mountains to a cliff that drops two thousand feet straight down. The view here is nothing short of breathtaking. From there you will move onwards to Kahana Bay and get to know the local wildlife a bit. Finally, after a few more stops along the North Shore coastline, your tour will end at Turtle Beach. Take your camera along on this one, as there are some once in a lifetime tropical views on this tour.

Adventure Hiking in the Oahu Rain Forest

If you are more of an on-foot sightseer, there are some amazing things to be seen from your preferred method of travel too. You will absolutely fall in love with the Rainforest and Coastal Nature Odyssey tour. Here you will grab your hiking stick and set out with a guide through the tropical Oahu rainforest. As you push onward through the forest, you will suddenly stop as the foliage opens up to a two hundred foot tall majestic waterfall. This is known on the island as the Manoa Falls, the tallest waterfall in the Hawaiian Islands. You will marvel at the massive outpouring of water and the lovely colorful rainbows that it produces.

These are only two of the many touring companies out of Honolulu that each has their own particular amazingly beautiful and scenic spots for your enjoyment. Most tours only take a few hours, so you could actually go on one per day during your stay and see everything that this wonderful tropical paradise has to offer.

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