Helmet Bags – All Riders Have There Own Style

by John Daniele

What is it about motorcycles in economically developing foreign countries around the world? Maybe it’s that motorcycles have always been a cheap form of transportation as well as the fact that there are many motorcycle enthusiasts who love nothing more than to carry their motorcycle helmet bags with them as they travel on their open air bike.

Motorcycles have a great history that includes many myths and subcultures that have become lifestyles for many. The most prized possession of any Harley Biker is their head scarfs, leather jackets and motorcycle helmet bags. The jacket in one hand and the bag in the other. Different motorcycles require different helmets. Caf racers wear a classic helmet. Mod racers race at high speeds with bright, vibrant and colorful helmets on their heads, but one thing remains the same, they have their matching motorcycle helmet bags. Rockers are also known for their crazy outrageous helmets that often match their helmet bags, saddlebag and the design on their bikes. Every biker has his or her own style overall creating a unique subculture.

The variety of color and style in motorcycling is not limited to just subcultures; clubs and social take on their own colors. Some social groups focus on ownership of a particular brand of bike. Members of groups dedicated to Harley Davidson will of course ride Harleys, but will likely wear Harley Boots, Jackets, Vests and helmets and carry Harley brand motorcycle helmet bags, saddle bags; even key chains! Members of BMW MOA groups will carry and wear only gear made by their brand – whether it be clothing, protective parts, motorcycle helmet bags or accessories. These more informal groups come together for many reasons – to help charities, to celebrate a part of society, to leave society for a short period, or simply because the riders love the experiences they gain.

Aside from the more informal groups, there are associations that have an organized structure and exude more influence. The riders involved in these groups usually rally for some change, whether politically or within the larger society. These groups may come together in support of laws to protect motorcyclists on the roads, and have symbols and designs on their clothes, motorcycles, helmets, motorcycle helmet bags and accessories. These groups may start small, but can bloom into large organizations which can gain considerable sway as a political organization as they develop. Clubs dedicated to motorcycles can serve additional purposes, as well. These range from a desires of seeing the country side and enjoying the road, to testing their skills via non-professional races, to more professional for-profit races (both off and on road), to stunts requiring special skills and extra courage to extreme – or Xtreme – sport riding. One can almost certainly bet that each of the group’s members has a unique range of gear, accessories, clothes, helmets, saddle bags and motorcycle helmet bags. Of course, it would be neglectful to not mention the illegal motorcycle groups; but these are a fraction of all clubs dedicated to bikers. Some of these bikers ride in illegal racing tournaments, or create havoc via traffic violations or other deliberate ‘minor’ offenses.

Women bikers also want in on the action. Many form their own motorcycling groups, lifestyles and subcultures. However they still sport all of the same equipment including motorcycle helmets, boots, sexier pants and motorcycle helmet bags. They try to feminize what the male motorcycle riders have made very masculine. Some groups are closer than others, but one thing remains the same, they are all motorcycle riding enthusiasts. Forever and always they will love their bikes and the culture that mystifies us with these myths.

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