Guide to Renting a Holiday Home in the French Riviera

by Steve Woodward

There are hundreds of holiday villas in France, which one can select from to stay in when visiting this part of Europe. Certainly, because this country has so much to offer from great foods and wine through to the country itself, you may well find that you have to book vacations here several times to really get a taste of it all.

Today there are villas of different shapes, sizes and costs to choose from and all located through out the various regions that make up this beautiful country. Below we take a look at the locations where villas are now available and ways to save money when booking such accommodation.

1. French Riviera – This is a region of France that is known for being the playground of the rich and famous. Certainly are large number of celebrities will often spend time relaxing in this part of France and if you really want to spot a few then the best time to visit is during the Cannes Film Festival. Most of the properties are located in the hills of this region but offer spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea below. Moreover, you are not far from all the shops, cafes and beaches that this region has to offer but you can still have privacy if you wish.

2. Provence – An area of France that still retains some of the lifestyle that many people are looking for, which allows them to get away from the hustle and bustle that modern life places upon them. But you need to be warned that you may find you put on weight because the food that comes from this region is truly delicious.

3. Loire Valley – Many of the villas here although offer all the modern conveniences one should expect, they still retain plenty of the old world charm as well. Along with the region being well renowned for growing some of the best grapes and producing some really great tasting wines, this area has so much more to offer you. Why not spend a few hours wandering around it old Gothic towns or take a bike and just cycle along its quiet country lanes.

4. Normandy – This is a region of France, which has led a somewhat turbulent past and yet is ideal for those who are looking to relax and unwind. There is plenty for one to do and see here from visiting the beaches where the D-Day Landings during World War II took place, or just spend time wandering around some of the regions beautiful towns or villages. If you can try a few the regions local delicacies.

Only when you have decided which region of France it is you would like to spend your vacation in should you start to then arrange your accommodation. Ideally, you should spend some time comparing what the various villas in the region have to offer before you make any bookings.

When it comes to booking holiday villas in France it is a sensible idea to try and book them well in advance of when you are actually going. Often by booking months or even a year, before you are due to travel can save you a considerable amount of money on your accommodation. Plus you may also find that if you are flexible with your vacation dates and are able to go out of season this could also save you money as well.

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