Getting A Vacation Rental In Orlando

There are several things you can choose when considering where to stay during your Orlando vacation: you can stay at a friend’s or relative’s place (provided you have one there), you can book in on a hotel (which is the normal route), or you can check in on one of those theme park hotels and resorts. There is, however, another option, one that will most likely be better especially if you’re traveling with your whole family. You can try vacation rentals.

The good thing about renting a house is that, first off, it gives you more privacy than a hotel room will. It also makes you feel more at home and at ease, so a vacation will seem like it’s a much more personal affair, especially if you’re spending it with your family.

It’s just like having your own house, except that you will have to be extra careful about the furnishings that are already there. Renting a vacation house will allow you to just go about at your own pace and even cook your own food, something that will surely give your vacation a more home-y feel.

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In the long run, renting a house is also cheaper, especially if you’re staying for more than a couple of weeks or so. Lastly, a house has more rooms than a hotel, especially useful if you have a large family.

Like a booking a hotel room, it’s really recommended that you book your vacation house in advance. While Orlando’s housing program has drastically increased the number of houses erected, booking early will allow you to reserve units which are placed in a more convenient location. For example, if you’re into beaches, you might want to book in advance since beachfront houses tend to be gobbled up rather quickly, especially when peak seasons come.

Choosing a rental outside of the popular spots will give you cheaper rates. Also, look out for offers on a home swap where you can rent directly from the owner. Orlando locals spending time away rent out their homes for a period of time for a sum of money. This allows you to have a slightly more personal experience, negotiate terms and avoid unnecessary fees. For those looking to spend a month or more in Orlando, this would be the best option.