Excellent Tips On Purchasing A Villa In Cyprus

by Tim Martins

The number one Holiday destination in Europe is now Cyprus, plus there’s a slow growing trend of people returning to buy property over there. Cyprus is a paradise island and has everything you need. At the moment the property market is on a very steady climb, so your better of buying sooner rather than later. If you are going to buy a Cyprus property make sure you research the market first.

You’ll have seen on television or heard people talking about buying there second property abroad, but just how do they pay for it? We first things first the holiday rental market in Cyprus is booming and nearly ever villa home owner are cashing in on it. You see Cyprus is a much in demand place to visit because you’re guaranteed nearly 365 days a year a crystal clear sun shine.

Pensioners tend to spend between 2 or 3 months a year abroad in order to get away from the harsh Winters, and why not spend your heating allowance on getting warm with warm sunshine. If you have been to Cyprus before you would no doubt agree with me that their winter is as warm as a British Summer.

Buying a property in Cyprus couldn’t be easier or more secure as the banks are more than willing to give out mortgages. It’s normally the way when the market is booming, but you won’t feel pushed as all the different mortgage options are explained to you in your language. You will only have to rent out your villa for between 16 and 20 weeks a year just to cover the monthly mortgage repayments and the rest is just profit.

Non residents will only get a 75% mortgage of the value you of their property. Just think about this for minute as you can buy a villa now and over time this will make you a load of money, just like your house has done that you live in, or you can blow it on a very nice car and lose thousands a year on it! It’s a simple choose if you ask me.

If you ask people near where you live and ask what’s been the most profitable thing they have bought, I will guarantee you that 100% of them will say there house. So why should you go and buy a second house abroad in Cyprus? Well you have the luxury of having a gorgeous place in the sun, where you can visit anytime you like, plus it’s going up in value around 10% every year, and the best put about is you aren’t paying for the mortgage if you rent it out, like I said before you only need around 16/20 a weeks rent to cover you yearly mortgage payments.

You could even be smarter and buy two properties in Cyprus, this way you could help pay off your own mortgage on your own house. My advise to you is don’t sit around and let offers like this pass you by, take some action and I’ll guarantee it you’ll reap the benefits from it latter on down the line.

If you would like to know more about Cyprus properties then try cyprusinformer.com out, they’ll point you in the right direct and give you all the advice you need to purchase your Cyprus property and show you how to rent it out the easy way.

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