Discover Guanaja, a Bay Island Paradise!

by Denise Clarke

Guanaja Honduras, where in the world is that, you ask? Guanaja is a small island in the Caribbean located about forty miles off the northern coast of Honduras and is in the Bay Island chain. It neighbors El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua in Central America. Less than two hours from Miami, there are several airlines that service Honduras making travel there simple and easy!

Three main islands make up the Bay Island chain in Honduras. Roatan is a familiar stop with the cruise ships. The big tourist boats dock there several times a week. Utila, the smallest of the islands is very popular with divers and is well known for diving with the whale sharks. Guanaja is the tallest island and has hillsides covered in pines along with several fresh water streams and waterfalls. The fact that there are no roads on Guanaja may be one reason that it has remained undiscovered by the masses.

Five years ago I heard about Guanaja. At that time I could not spell it, let alone pronounce it! Since then, I have done a great deal of research on affordable retirement in Guanaja. It may be one of the best options for Americans to live well in their retirement years!

The Baby Boom generation, born between 1946 and 1964, are a new generation of retirees. The Boomers want adventure, they want bang for their retirement buck and many are willing to seek out retirement in a country other than the United States to find it.

What type of lifestyle do you want to lead in your retirement? Guanaja is surrounded by the worlds second largest barrier reef. This makes for some of the best diving and snorkeling. What about kayaking or white water rafting, sure, they have it! What if you just want to laze about on the beach and enjoy the warm tropical breezes and the pristine clear Caribbean waters, they have that too. Guanaja has something for everyone.

Guanaja still has a lot of land that is affordable. Unlike its sister island Roatan, Guanaja has not been discovered yet by the masses. This is great for the frugal retiree! Property taxes are ridiculously low, with a home priced at one hundred thousand dollars paying less than one hundred dollars a year. Nothing to complain about there!

Would a housekeeper or yard man make your retired life easier? In Guanaja, this type of help will cost about $150 a month. Even most small pensions can afford that. Did you ever think that you could afford to live like this, especially in your retirement years?

If you require medical attention you have a clinic in Bonacco Town and one in Savannah Bight. Forty miles away in La Ceiba there is a state of the art hospital for major medical problems. The United States and Cuba have trained many of the doctors that practice in Honduras.

As the Baby Boom generation reaches retirement, social security is uncertain and we know that our new fixed incomes will not really cover the increasing costs to live in the US in the style to which we have become accustomed. The more I research, the more I think that Guanaja Honduras, truly is a Bay Island Paradise.

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