Cyprus Informer…Looking For A Truly Memorable Cyprus Vacation?

by Tim Martins

There’s no doubt in our mind that the majority of people who have been to Cyprus on holiday have fallen in love with the island, but many are always disappointed with their holiday villa accommodation. We are now proud to announce that after a lot of research that we can finally recommend a reliable and professional holiday villa rental agency in Cyprus.

You no longer have to worry about what your villa accommodation will turn out to be like as we are going to guarantee you the very best in service for Cyprus holiday rental villas. We were so impressed with what we saw that we decided it was time to provide you with something worthwhile and here are the ten reasons that we show you just why.

We noticed right away that this company only has it’s long term reputation in mind and seem to double check on the smallest of details. They intend to become the top villa rental agency by sticking to very strict guidelines when it comes to customer service and they will not turn their back on you once they have your money in their pockets (not like some of the other agencies tend to do). Their business practise is based on the high quality companies that operate in the United States, so you can just imagine those friendly smiling faces already.

The difference with these guys is that they have always got time for you and you won’t feel forgotten or stranded. They are on permanent call to sort out any problem you may have and they can offer literally hundreds of hand chosen villas that suit differing budgets and needs, creating the perfect holiday in Cyprus.

The villas on their lists are all privately owned and they have an amazing team of professionals that guarantee the very highest of standards that will be maintained throughout your stay. You really will be able to have a relaxing holiday as they literally take care of everything and you won’t have to deal with any nasty surprises.

There is a 24 hour emergency service so you can even get help at night which is extremely reassuring. You will be greeted by a company representative on your arrival and will be guided to your rental car. You will receive all the necessary assistance to get to the check-in office where you will be issued with your villa keys.

They look after you even when you have to leave your villa and wait a couple of hours for your flight, by letting you use their exclusive clients lounge (we don’t know anyone else who offers this). They can offer you exclusive car rental and taxi transfers, which means your relaxing stress free Cyprus holiday starts from the moment you step off the plane because you don’t have to start worrying about transport!

They have been doing this for a number of years now so one thing they don’t like doing with their clients is taking risks. They will share their local knowledge with you and recommend the very best restaurants and bars on the Island as well as the top sites that are a must to visit while on holiday.

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