Clubbing in iBiza, Space

by iBiza Joe

The Space Terrace is a famous place to spend your Sunday afternoons on the island. Space is in Playa den Bossa it’s open six days a week, [closed mondays] between May and early October.

Space was originally a conference hall back in 1989 in Playa den Bossa. It started with the odd live band and flamenco dancing. Then Alex P started playing tunes to the people enjoying a drink on its terrace a few years later he was joined by Brandon Bloc and the Space legend began.

Almost every top DJ has passed through Space’s doors it one of the worlds premier clubs.

The flagship night at Space is “We Love Sundays” it starts at 8 in the morning Sunday and goes on right through until six the following Monday. The music is provided by the best House and Progressive DJ’s each and every weekend throughout the season.

The venue has room for around 5000 guests.

The kind of music you’ll hear at Space is mainly House.

You need to take with you quite a lot of cash. It’s about 65 to get in with a flyer and drinks are expensive.

You don’t need to be into clubbing or house music to enjoy Space’s fantastic atmosphere and continental vibe.

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