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Would you consider yourself to be a cultured individual? On that very same note, what about your family? Is your spouse cultured? Are your children being raised to appreciate the wonderful cultural diversity that we, as American citizens, so proudly proclaim? If the answer to any of those questions is no, then perhaps you should begin going down a different road. Perhaps your road should reflect the appreciation of culturally profound concepts. As the leader in your family, it is your responsibility to guide your spouse and children down a path of amazing cultural sights and sounds. You can start by a trip or vacation getaway to Cincinnati Ohio, home to some of the worlds’ most diverse variety of performing arts.

Cincinnati is home to over twenty high profile sources for real cultural artistic performances. Choosing the right one can be difficult, but that decision is made far easier by knowing that every single one of these fine artistically oriented establishments is a legitimate source of culture. To put it simply, you cannot possibly make the wrong choice, as there are no wrong choices.

One cultural outlet that is an excellent option to introduce your family to culture is that of The Playhouse in the Park. This is a very popular theatre where live performances are put on throughout the year. There are actually two auditoriums here, usually each one producing a different play at the same time, leaving the cultural entrepreneur an option. As theatres go, this one is looked at as one of the country’s most famed, mostly due to the recognition brought on by the Regional Theatre Tony Award that was awarded to it in the 2004 season. The cast that works here is fairly regular, and each one is very talented in his or her roles. You will enjoy every show that you get the honor of seeing here.

As a family leader, you will no doubt have kids to cater to. It can sometimes be quite difficult finding a way to open a child’s mind to the performing arts, in any form. However, Cincinnati had managed to find a way around this issue via the solution of the Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. This ages old establishment was originally brought into being in the early 1900’s. Since those early days, millions of children have gotten their first real taste of culture here. This great performing arts outlet puts on original plays that are always a thrill for the children. What makes this spot different than other children’s cultural attractions is that with each play, the children learn a moral or a lesson that will follow them throughout their lives.

There are hundreds more theatres and performing arts presentations all throughout this major American Metropolis, each one with its own niche or style of presenting the culture that thousands of immigrants have come together to produce in the history of the United States. There are orchestras, song theatres, acting theatres, and even comedy clubs when you need a good laugh. If you want to begin your road to a more cultured life, then there is no better starting point than Cincinnati Ohio.

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