Chicago, The City of Sights


Every vacation spot in the world seems to appeal to a particular one of the five major senses. Some places are full of beautiful flowers that exude a great fragrance while others cater to the sense of hearing with the sounds of birds and waves crashing on the shore. Chicago Illinois, one of the largest cities in the United States, is a perfect vacation spot for those who have a deep appreciation for places that appeal to the sense of sight. Though one might not realize it at first, some of the greatest views in the world are to be had in this grand urban maze.

Take, for example, the Sears Tower. This is without a doubt one of the best scenic views that you can get anywhere. The building itself is a mind blowing one hundred and three stories high. If you assume that each floor is ten feet, this is over a thousand feet straight up! Some planes do not even fly that high! The ride to the top floor in the elevator is an exciting one. Take some gum to chew to keep your ears from popping on this vertical journey to the clouds. Once you reach the one hundred and third floor, you will step out into a lobby that leads to the Sears Tower Sky Deck. From here, you can see up to fifty miles in any given direction on a clear day. The scene laid out before you is a breathtaking one, as the taller buildings of the city are below you. You can look to the street below and barely be able to make out the forms of people. It is truly a breathtaking experience. There are many other skyscrapers here in Chicago that you can go up into and enjoy the views, but the Sears Tower is truly the monster of them all.

Then there is the lakeshore view of the lovely dark blue waters of Lake Michigan. Many people come here as a leisure time on their Chicago vacations. They simply sit on the docks or the shores of this grand Great Lake and watch as the boaters go back and forth across the water, or as the skiers glide across the surface in an aquatic artistic act of water ballet. The best time to hit this spot is in the late evening around the time of sunset. You will marvel as the setting sun paints a beautiful halo of light around the edges of the cotton-like clouds that linger on the horizon at the end of the day. This makes for one of the most peaceful moments of your visit to Chicago. It is not at all uncommon to come across the painter, photographer, or sketch artist sitting upon these shores, trying their best to preserve this moment in pencil, paint or on film.

Chicago is truly the city of sights. Across the massive landscape you will find views unparalleled at any other major vacation spot. Be sure and bring you camera this summer and save these scintillating sights forever on your next vacation getaway to Chicago Illinois.

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