Britax Car Seats

by Martain Weber

If you have yet to hear of the Britax car seat company that’s okay, they are a well-known car seat maker that sells car seats in Europe, England and Australia. Recently they have begun to sell in the United States. This company is known for building quality well designed and engineered car seats. They have a distinct focus on customer service and safety as they design these car seats. This focus has allowed them to gain a very strong following among parents who are interested in safe car seats for their children. As you begin looking at the different Britax car seats you will discover that they are more expensive than most of the other models available. But there is a very good reason for this superior materials and superior engineering cost more. The bottom line is the parents that are interested in the quality construction and safety record as it affects the safety of their child are willing to pay the price which is really a bargain.

Some of the innovative safety designs that really sets the Britax company apart from others on their side impact protection and anti-rebound bars. Another great feature is the no tangle five-point harness that is used to further protect her child. As you might imagine these kinds of safety improvements help prevent the car seats from rebounding and can help protect your child from side impacts.

The Britax car seats also contain a reinforced headrest with specially made foam that helps absorb the energy of the frontal or side impact crash. These car seats also using no tangle five-point harness to further protect your child. Another one of Britax’s innovations in safety is their tangle-free polyester 5-point harness system that grows with your child – the seats generally fit children 5 to 65 pounds). Most of the Britax car seat models, including the Britax Roundabout, Britax Boulevard, Britax Companion, and the Britax Decathlon – feature the “”LATCH”” (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) system, which locks the car seat into the vehicle quickly and securely. Most new motor vehicles have the factory installed stabilization points that the LATCH system is designed for.

These are the kinds of safety systems that are built-in to the car seats manufactured by Britax and this is what sets them apart from the competition. If what you want for your child is a quality safe car seat that will protect them than the Britax car seats are really what you want to go with.

The Britax’s company slogan is “Safety is always in fashion”. Not only are the Britax car seats safe they are comfortable, convenient and stylish.

Another great feature of the Britax car seats is that they are convertible. This is where we will expand on what we mentioned just a moment ago about the car seats and growing with your child. Several of the britax car seats such as the Boulevard, Roundabout, Companion and Decathlon are convertible. This means that you can adjust the measure child grows so the only need one car seat until your child is about 65 pounds.

The fact that the Britax car seats are convertible and adjust from an infant style car seat to a toddler car seat and on up is a great advantage. So while the Britax car seats may seem expensive and you think about the fact that you only need one while your child grows it really is a bargain. And because your child may be in the car seat for so many years and those car seat covers do wear out you can purchase replacement car seat covers in various styles and colors to keep your Britax car seat looking new.

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