Britax Car Seats Help Keep Your Child Safe

by Martain Weber

Britax is the leader when it comes to baby in infant car seats. Although the company is a relative newcomer to the United States Britax has been selling car seats in Australia, Europe and England for more than 30 years. Their strength has been in the areas of safety and engineering that is help them gain a solid following among parents. Even high end automakers like Porsche and Mercedes Benz have used their car seats. While the Britax car seats and child booster seats are often more expensive than much of the competition, it is the quality construction and safety record that set them apart. Parents are eager to pay the price in order to get quality safety in the car seats they use for their children.

Some of the innovative safety designs that really sets the Britax company apart from others on their side impact protection and anti-rebound bars. Another great feature is the no tangle five-point harness that is used to further protect her child. As you might imagine these kinds of safety improvements help prevent the car seats from rebounding and can help protect your child from side impacts.

Reinforced head rests with special foam that is designed to help absorb the energy of frontal and side impact crash as is another great feature of the Britax car seats. The five-point harness that comes with the Britax car seats grows with your child the seats generally fit children ranging from five to 65 pounds. Most of the car seats produced by Britax feature in the latch system which stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. The system locks the car seat into the vehicle in a fast and secure way. Most all of the newer vehicles that you find today have been built with the stabilization points for the latch system is created for.

These are the kinds of safety systems and built-in to the car seats manufactured by Britax and this is what sets them apart from the competition. If what you want for your child is a quality safe car seats will protect them than the Britax car seats are really what you want to go with.

You see Britax’s company slogan is “Safety is always in fashion”. Not only are the Britax car seats safe they are also comfortable, convenient and stylish.

Now while the Britax car seats are safe there are also comfortable and convertible. Now most of the time parents are going to go through probably three car seats plus a booster seat before their child no longer needs the assistance of child seats. Many of the Britax car seats are convertible meaning that they will adjust as your child grows so that you only need one car seat until they’re about 65 pounds.

Now if at first glance the britax car seats seem a bit expensive consider the fact that they can convert from rear facing the forward facing so that they will accommodate your child from a baby to a toddler and on up to about 65 pounds. Combine this with all the safety features and you really get a bargain.

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