Anaheim California Vacation Attractions: Three Days of Disney


Let’s face it, for the family group; the ultimate vacation spot in the world is Walt Disney World. This wonderful world within a world is the official number one getaway site in the United States alone, not to mention statistics from other countries. Though once Disney was a mere single theme park for children, today it has locations around the country and reformatted to serve the entire family, not just the kids. However, there is so much to do at each Disney Park and so many parks around the country, which destination should you choose for your next vacation? Fortunately, the state of California has made the choice simple for you with the city of Anaheim.

Why Anaheim? Simply put, because this lovely coastal city has so many other attractions and instead of one Disney attraction, you have three to choose from, all within a short distance of one another! That is three times the fun and excitement of any other Disney location.

Disney Day 1

Your first stop would obviously be Disneyland. This is the original location of the Disneyland Resort. No doubt you have heard of many wonderful stories from friends that have visited here. With over a million visitors per annual season, one often wonders how he or she managed to wait so long to visit. In here you will find all the legendary attractions that has med Disneyland the famous vacation spot that it has become. There is the famed Indiana Jones Adventure where you ride the rails of an ancient mine railway car at high speeds. There are numerous others, such as the Space Mountain ride, Splash Mountain (for those who don’t mind getting a little soggy), the Matterhorn Bobsled ride, and, of course, who could forget the magical castle of fairy tale legend, Sleeping Beauty. There are even particular attractions for the little children, such as the Dumbo the Flying Elephant and It’s a Small World attractions.

Disney Day 2

Just a mere few steps away, you will encounter your second day of Disney wonder at the Disney’s California Adventure Park. What you can expect to get from here is more rides, more attractions, loads of fun, good food and shopping pleasure. There are endless sites to see and adventures to be experienced here, such as multiple areas that will seem like distant lands and times into themselves. You will be magically wisped away to faraway kingdoms and deep into the heart of distant jungles.

Disney Day 3

On Day three of your Disney adventure vacation, the parents will be the center of attention as well as the children as you check out the Downtown Disney District. Here within a relatively small area, you will find unlimited shopping opportunities. No matter what you are looking to buy, be it clothes, jewelry, or simply something to remember your trip by or a gift for a friend back home, you’ll find it in this area. There are also many fine restaurants with some truly scrumptious ethnic foods as well as eateries dedicated to the children. In the midst of all this you’ll find a nice little outdoor plaza where you can sit and eat.

Walt Disney truly did have the worlds best interests at heart when he created the concept of Disney World. Today, the culminations of the great artists unending work has paid off with the ultimate vacation spot in the world. Pack up the family this summer and come on down to Anaheim California, where the fairy tale lives on.

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