All about H.Upmann Cuban cigars

by Trevor Wallace

One of the best Cuban cigars ever made, the H. Upmann stands tall when compared with the rest of the popular Cuban cigar brand such as the Cohiba and Montecristo. The name H. Upmann is somewhat of an anomaly because it is actually shared by two countries, Cuban and Dominican republic. This is a brand that is widely popular and has a very loyal and strong fanbase.

The H. Upmann cigars brand can trace its history the whole way back to 1844 although there are a lot of conflicting reports about how it got its start. One of the more interesting reports is that there were two German brothers that were bankers who moved to Havana. These brothers also happened to be avid cigar smokers and they started H. Upmann cigars in order to use it as a promotional avenue for their banking business.

Regardless of where this particular cigar company had it’s roots, it is one of the more popular brands of cigar that is available throughout the world and is enjoyed by many cigar smokers because of its unique taste that is generally described as as being mild to medium. Many of the H. Upmann cigars are now machine rolled although it is still possible to find some varieties that are hand rolled in the traditional way.

After Mr. Kennedy set an embargo of US and Cuban trade, the whole Cuban cigar trading died with it and a lot of hearts were broken. Especially when you consider that the US is the biggest market for Cuban cigars, even after the ban! I can’t believe or imagine the mindset John was in when he decided to put a trade embargo ban on Cuba considering he was one of the biggest fans of the H. Upmann brand. Even after the ban, he sent out his general to get him thousands of boxes so he can have his very own stash if you may of fine Cuban cigars.

Again, this is one those prestigious Cuban cigar brand that has it’s own strong following. People love the H. Upmann cigars and the people who do are mostly famous. The fans of this brand range from politicians, celebrities and people who hang out with them. The H. Upmann brand, especially over the years, have carved it’s very own niche and rightfully so. The Cuban cigars produced by this brand are exquisite.

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