Alicante Weather and the Country

by Ken Morris

Having good weather in Alicante is something that you are going to want and appreciate. You will find that most of the year the weather is just what you would expect.

The weather in Alicante is going to be nice most of the time. The actual climate is going to be Mediterranean and you will enjoy hot and dry summer time with very mild winter conditions. The climate will make this one of the most exciting and visited places in the world.

The location of this great place is going to be a factor in the weather. Seeing the small hills and the huge mountains in the north Alicante will give you great protection from the harsh winds. This will help you to keep the climate nice in the wintertime. The weather will be nice in the summer and in the winter for anyone to take a great and relaxing vacation anytime of year.

The Weather in Alicante for Summer and Spring

The normal temperature in the summer time will be from 22 to 26 degrees Celsius. This will mean that some days will reach 40 degrees. The normal night temperature will be about 17 degrees Celsius. You will enjoy about twelve hours of sun in the summertime and the climate will be dry and hardly see a drop of rain.

The summertime is going to be one of the best times to visit Costa Blanca. This area is going to be a normal Mediterranean summertime. The weather will be usually hot and very dry each day. This climate will be a great place to take in the sites and enjoy beaches for many types of water activities.

Some will like to go in the Springtime to enjoy smaller crowds. The weather is going to still be warm and for the most part dry. It is going to be nice enough to enjoy the beaches and not have to worry about melting in the sun. You will also not have to deal with the impossible overcrowding that you would in the summer months.

With springtime you will see that the days are mostly sunny and nice. The temperature on a regular day would be about 14 to 19 degrees Celsius. In the nighttime it will fall to about 8- 13 degrees. You will find that at least seven hours of sun will grace this area.

The Weather for Alicante In the Autumn and Winter Months

Having rain in the autumn is going to be very popular in the fall. You will find that there is a small amount of rain in the early autumn and it is going to still be warm. If you want to have a smaller chance of running into crowds you will want to go in the fall. Having a great vacation in these months will make a great vacation. There are some great popular tourists destinations that will be closer to the end of the summertime.

In the other areas of Costa Blanca winter sports are very popular. The Northern Curopeans will try and take hiding from the freezing temperatures and all the heavy snow in the other parts of the world and come here. Having snow in this location is not usual.

The high temperatures of the winter are going to be near 12 to 16 degrees Celsius. In the night the temperature will go down to about 7 degrees. This place will give about seven hours of sun to the people as well in the wintertime. The very nice winter temperatures are going to make this a great place to visit and take in the wonderful sites in the winter months when it is cold and freezing in most parts of the world.

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