A Modern Day Trip To Camelot in Los Angeles California

by Juble.com

For the amateur golfer, or even the intermediate golfing fan, the ideal vacation getaway is somewhere with lots of great golf courses, greens, and country clubs. Golfing is truly a wonderful leisure sport, but, unfortunately, not everyone is a golfer. For the family golfer, the concept of golf on a vacation is generally non-existent, as the rest of the family generally is not into this relaxing sport. There is one place in Los Angeles California where the golfer can not only have a good time, but also begin to develop an interest in the sport in the rest of his family. This place is the Camelot Golfland at 3200 Carpenter Avenue. http://juble.com/

The Camelot Golfland is a massive complex with all kinds of wonderfully medieval dcor and surroundings. Basically, you have a putt-putt golf course except on a far larger scale, and with a vastly different setting. They do not call it Camelot for no reason at all. There are five different courses to choose from so you will never get bored. There is the Castles of the World course, from which this wonderful place gets its’ name. At this particular course there is a castle, Spanish forts, and even a pagoda to choose from. All five courses have vastly different themes.

There is, however, much more to the Camelot Golfland than just golf. There are also a nice variety of fun-filled water slides for you to enjoy. There’s nothing that will put a smile on a child’s face faster than rushing water with him or her right in the middle. Next, the Camelot Golfland presents the ever-popular Lazer Joust attraction. Imagine Laser tag, only jousting. There is also an arcade where kids can spend hours on a massive choice of contemporary games.

Of course, there is always the aspect of food. After a day of golf, visitors are able to enjoy a delicious specialty pizza from the Camelot Pizza restaurant, right there in the complex. It couldn’t be more convenient. If you love the sport of Golf, this is the perfect way to get your family started down that very same road. http://juble.com/

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