How to travel safe

It is often when we are out to enjoy ourselves on vacation that we are more likely to experience events which can affect how much we enjoy the break. Usually these problems could be prevented but may give a false impression of the location you have visited. Things can even get to the point where you can feel like a prisoner as you become reluctant to leave your room. Your common sense is still the most trusted method of traveling safely so whether you are just walking down a street or dining out, if you feel a situation does not feel right then act accordingly.

Nature gave us all a very effective means for survival in unknown circumstances; it’s called instinct and you must learn to trust it. Before you go out, consider if you actually need all your credit cards, cash, passports and airline tickets because if someone does manage to get hold of them, you will be left with nothing. Expensive and necessary items like identification tickets for example should be left at the hotel in their safe or the room safe if you have one; it is much easier to recover your vacation if you only lose a few important belongings instead of all of them. If you place your cash, traveler’s checks and credit cards in various locations about your person, then there is less likelihood of pickpockets stealing all your financial assets and leaving you with nothing.

Unfortunately, the convenience of having two credit cards on the same account in your own country can be a problem in a foreign land so another travel safely tip is to use two completely separate accounts; this provides a back-up should one be lost or stolen. Many resorts are renowned for bag and camera snatching which is not so easy to do if they are over your head and shoulder. If you are the person carrying the camera or bag, then walk away fro the edge of the road where it is easy for motorcycle thieves to grab something and make a quick getaway. We have all read about the different scams that people have fallen for and the truth is people continue to fall for them because the scammers are professionals and they’re good at it.

It is often our arrogance that lets us become victims of theft and other deceptions because we do not believe that anyone will pull the wool over our eyes but this is how the criminals earn their living. Carrying a small backpack can be a good idea as it can be secured with a small padlock which although will not deter the determined thief, will certainly slow down and prevent the majority from trying their luck. Some people are always losing their keys which isn’t a good idea when you are on vacation so a quick remedy is to buy a D-shackle or similar and attach it your belt or backpack with the keys attached. If you are a man that keeps his wallet in his back pocket, change this to your front pocket; likewise women should close their handbag because all this has a deterrent factor. The majority of problems could be avoided if people didn’t let their guard down, which is common on vacation; if you can remember to travel safely, it won’t halt your enjoyment but could stop many untoward events from happening.

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