Winning The State Lottery – The Top 3 Tips To Help Ensure Your Success

DO you camp by the TV each week, waiting impatiently for your number balls to drop, one by one, from the lottery machine? Typically you’re going to face disappointment week after week, but there are good reasons for this, which we’ll examine in a minute. First, the question: Do any real people actually win those huge lottery prizes? Of course there are real winners, but you’re probably making a few common mistakes that helps separate those winners from you. It’s time to stop them right now.

Although many people never win any lottery prizes at all, let alone the big one. that is not always the case. Some folks really have won the big one, and some have won more than once.

Why are there such widely differing results? Is it purely luck and circumstance or are they doing something different that accounts for their lottery success?

There are 3 important methods presented in this article that may help you if you play the lottery. They can help tilt the odds of winning more in your favor, and also increase the size of your jackpot in the event you do win.

When playing the lottery, especially 5 or 6 number games, you’ll find it important that you do things correctly. If you do not, the chances of you winning are even lower than you’d expect. You can end up wasting your money on tickets forever and never winning a thing, or maybe winning small jackpots very rarely, but never coming close to winning the big one. Here are 3 different ways that can give you a better shot at winning the jackpot of your dreams.

1. Never play using the significant number technique.

You will have to never play using the significant number technique.refrain from using birthdays, anniversaries, and the like because it causes two main problems. The first is that you’re playing on a limited set of numbers (1 – 31), and the other thing is that everyone else who is using this popular method is choosing their numbers from the same number set, meaning if you do win, you’ll be sharing your winnings with far more people. Failing to do this will reduce your chances of winning and possibly decrease the size of your winnings if you do win.. Therefore take care to do this correctly and don’t make the mistake of forgetting this critical step !

2. Avoid patterns with more than 3 consecutive numbers.

Almost as vital as never playing using the significant number technique. any time you’re dealing with playing the lottery, especially 5 or 6 number games is avoiding patterns with more than 3 consecutive numbers, because they have only a 5% chance of winning compared to more random patterns.. I am letting you know, this is is important. Every week hundreds of thousands of tickets are picked in the nation’s lotteries with the numbers 1-2-3-4-5, although this combination has never won the California lottery, and there is is good chance it has never hit on any other lottery either. Just follow this one simple rule, and that’s something just about everybody that plays the lotto can benefit from. It will increase your chances of winning, and that is something that everybody wants.

3. Don’t play combinations that are past winners.

When you play, especially 5 or 6 number games you have to avoid playing combinations that are previous winners. This is very popular number picking technique. However, data analysis reveals it is simply not a very good strategy to produce winners. It loads up too many number possibilities in one isolated part of the possible number set.

This can help increase your chances of hitting all the winning numbers, and that’s obviously the most important element of lottery success. Should you do this, you could possibly win the lottery jackpot you’ve been dreaming about all these years — and I think we can agree that could be a very good thing!

As I said in the beginning, when it comes to playing the lottery, especially 5 or 6 number games, you want to make sure you do not make blunders that will result in wasting your money on tickets forever. You could spend a load of money and wind up never winning a thing, or maybe only winning small jackpots once in a great while, but never coming close to winning the big one you’ve been waiting for. What you need is to apply some strategies that can improve your chances to win, and you can achieve that when you take advantage of the ideas presented in this article.

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