Tips In Choosing The Right Scuba Fin For You

Choosing the right kind of fin for scuba diving is important because it can either give you the best time underwater or it could slow you down instead. That is why you have to consider certain criteria because this can be a good investment in the long run, especially for those avid divers.

Scuba Fins Best.

Scuba Diving Fins. Even if you are not an enthusiast, having the right gear to make you move better in the water can really make the experience more enjoyable.

Even if you are not an enthusiast, having the right gear to make you move better in the water can really make the experience more enjoyable.

There are different kinds of Scuba fins, and they are classified according to their design. There are the paddle fins and the split fins.

Paddle fins are the typical kind that you would often see in diving. They are designed with the blade is spread out sort of like a half-opened fan. These types of fins are preferred by some people because it allows them to have deliberate movements. As the water moves around the fins, it makes the kick more powerful, and it is perfect for overhead environments and confined areas (e.g. underwater caves, shipwrecks).

The downside to paddle fins is that it may feel stiff and can be rather tiring in the long run making you consume more air, increasing fatigue. This may not be the right choice for those who do not have enough leg strength or has had lower leg injury.

Split fins, on the other hand, has a sliced or a cutout center. They are designed as an answer to propulsion problems underwater. Although they have the same motion as with single blade fins, split fins requires less effort because water slides right into the middle.

In effect there is lesser strain on the muscles, perfect for those who are easily prone to leg cramps. With less effort that these fins give you, you are less likely to become tired and consume more air.

However split fins may give you a hard time when making turns since they lack the stiffness to do it. They are also not too helpful when coursing through strong currents.

There are also additional features in some fins making them become more expensive than others. Some fins are designed to have angles for better movement. For some, especially for snorkelers who prefers leisurely swims, they prefer padded fins to keep their feet comfortable. Adjustable heel straps can also help provide better ease and it also allows divers to wear a diving bootie to keep the foot warm.

But when choosing the perfect scuba fin it is most important to consider your level of comfort. You cannot take the risk by using ill-fitting fins and have only realize that when your 20 feet underwater.

The size is also an important consideration. It is advisable that you get a scuba fin that is appropriately sized for you. A long fin can be hard to use and move with for those who have weaker or shorter legs. That is why shorter and stiff scuba fins are perfect for them. For those who have stronger and longer pair of legs, or for those pretty much experienced, a longer and flexible set of scuba fins will make for better movement.

It is also best to find trusted brands in the market. Names such as Scubapro, Mares and Apollo are among the most durable scuba fins available.