Never Surrender

There was a squeal, and then she was out of the game. All-stained with paint, already washed with mud, with the face gear blurred with moist, the girl stood up, tears rolling down her cheeks blurting out ‘it will never be like before’. She then went out of the paintball field. It seems like she has given up. The following week that I went paintballing again, I saw the same girl. And the same girl, weekend after another. In my mind, what could she be doing here when she sounded giving up week by week after the first incident? She has given up many times and keeps on coming back. Until I learned about her story that I realized it is not really what I thought it was.

The girl used to be the best player among the players her age, but she was badly injured during one of her games. And never get the chance to play again until the time I saw her for the first time in the paintball field. I realized how hard it was for her the first time she set foot to play paintball again. I saw her that time but I thought it was just another girly reaction but it was not. It is difficult to be in her situation that she has now limitations, at what she does best once upon a time. I believe that she is trying to accept her condition and at the same time doing her best to survive the crisis. She wanted it so much that giving up is not an option. Complaining is her way to depressurize herself. After all, she is going through so much for her age. She has matured enough unlike any of us. She never surrendered, she kept on trying and week after week she is doing better and better each time. She may not notice that we look at her with admiration. And we believe in her, one day she will again be the best player among the others her age and maybe even more because by just looking at how she plays today, she has really gone a long way. Without knowing her story, you can’t tell that she has a disability. She has really pulled herself together to be the girl we all admire today. Never surrender.

She may have given up several times, she sounded like it but she really hasn’t. And it is good to understand what she has been going through. Hadn’t I returned, I wouldn’t have known of her story – a story that is so inspirational. She keeps coming back to play paintball because it used to be her most favorite game. And she doesn’t give up – that’s the spirit. Never surrender, keep on trying until you overcome your handicap or your disabilities. Wanting something so much is good if it makes you a better person, and it becomes a plus when you are being an inspiration to other people in that way you do not only transform your life but also of others lives.

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