Maximize Your PSP Gaming Experience Online

by Ronn Aragon

When Playstation Portable was introduced into the market by Sony, there were a lot of feedbacks that it will never surpass the old timer hand held devices. However, PSP creators have taken this as a challenge and has now made PSP as the hand-held gaming device of choice of most of avid portable game players in the market.

It is safe to say that PSP now leads the pack of portable gaming devices and it is the clear game of choice by most avid fans who are looking to buy a new portable game. The extra features that Sony added to the PSP, especially, it’s computer connectivity has opened the doors to more possibilities.

This cool feature has made PSP users to want more of their PSP gaming. This created a domino effect and gave rise to different support groups, forums and tutorials that cater to all PSP lovers who want to maximize their gaming experience with this portable device.

These websites were usually developed by different PSP gamers and fanatics who knows their stuff and offered free PSP downloads for games, music and movies. However, due to the free condition of their sites, a lot of complaints from end users have come up which range to questions about maintenance, updates and most of all security issues.

Since they are free, the sites cannot be closely monitored and maintained. They do not have the resources of keeping up with technology and they do not have the same caliber of security as the paid sites. This increased the chances of downloading corrupted games, music and other files and sometimes they carry spywares in the files that eventually infects the end user’s system.

Most of these sites have now been forced to shutdown but there still remains some credible websites that were able to keep up with technology and the anti-virus issues. However, most of these are for members only, which means that you will have to pay a small fee to be able to get access to their resources and tutorials online.

But even though these sites charge a one time fee for unlimited downloads of games, music and movies, there is still the question about legal issues that makes this a bit controversial in the online community. This does not only pertain to PSP but also to other gadgets that can be connected online. Keeping up with the latest in PSP requires money and if you are really an avid fan, then it requires more money.

PSP fans have found a better alternative to buying games offline and continued to take advantage of these kinds of membership sites. Even if the controversy stays, the websites will also stay as long as there are people who are willing to foster their services online because they realize that these membership sites have given them a real value for their money.

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