Essential Survival Gear

Preparing to survive in any emergency situation, or major crisis can make all the difference in survival. Adverse weather, food shortages, hiking or camping disasters, motor vehicle breakdowns, and office fires are just a few of the natural and unavoidable situations which occur.

Survival gear list

Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods and avalanches along with volcano eruptions, have been a common occurrence for many, many years. Preparing for disasters or emergencies such as these can be cost effective for those on a tight budget.

Whether at home or outdoors, equipment to aid survival is necessary, many items are easily stored and portable should the situation call for it. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

Kits, put together specifically for surviving can be bought or made depending on individual needs and requirements. Knowing what may be needed to survive can prove to be difficult.

Many items can be included within a survival gear checklist. Most are versatile items, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor survival. There are many items within a checklist, which are light enough to carry around at all times whilst others, may need to be left in one place for a short time, especially when surviving outdoors.

When putting an outdoor kit together the first item required is a bag in which to carry all equipment and supplies easily. For an indoor kit, suitable storage space such as a small closet or pantry is sufficient as long as it is easily accessible should an emergency situation arise.

The most important of all survival gear to include in any kit are first aid supplies, food supplies and water containers. First aid items can be found around the home and be placed in a makeshift first aid kits, or premade ones can be bought.

Canned foods, freeze dried foods and energy foods are available from a number of retailers. Freeze dried food can be bought in bulk packages or on their own. Water containers are available in a number of sizes for collecting and storing of water.

Other survival gear items essential for severe situations include, flashlights, hand sanitizer, pepper spray, can opener, multi-vitamins, painkillers, plastic freezer or garbage bags, camping stove, communication devices, small radio, knife, cord, spare batteries, spare clothing (such as underwear, socks, thermal underwear, weatherproof coat, hat, hiking boots), bandanas, these have a number of uses in any situation and a supply of emergency cash or emergency credit card.

Vacuum packed bags can be useful to aid in the storing of clothes, as this will help with fitting them inside a survival bag. Some people even choose to purchase a generator. These are available in both gas and solar forms. The solar generators are more economical. Portable generators, also with solar or electric outputs are available to buy.

Waterproof matches and lighters are yet another essential tool as without these, heating food and water would be a difficult task. A pack of cards can be included as a form of entertainment.