Considerations When Buying a Garrett or Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

There are many different Garrett or Bounty Hunter metal detectors available for this popular hobby with a wide range of features and prices ranging from under $100 to over $1000. If you are going to invest a substantial amount in a new metal detector take some time to consider the options and features available before you rush out to make a purchase.

Learning the techniques will take some time and many people do not put in the effort necessary for success and give up too soon in frustration!

All the metal detectors available have some common components and parts. This includes a stabiliser which will keep the machine steady when you sweep it over the ground, a shaft to connect the coil to the control box, the control box to house the batteries, circuits, microchip, speaker and controls and the coil which is used to detect the target.

How Metal Detectors Work

Metal detectors use a principal called ‘electromagnetic induction’ This works by producing a field in the coil as current passes through it. If there is a metal object close to the coil the field becomes distorted and electrical eddy current are then induced in the object which produce a magnetic field of the opposite polarity to the one in the coil. This is what produces the signal in the detector that alerts you to the presence of the metal object.

Considerations When Purchasing a Metal Detector

Treasure hunting type – metal detectors are used to hunt for different types of treasure including gold and silver jewelry, gold nuggets, relics and coins. Specialised metal detectors are manufactured for each of these types of targets. If you are hunting for gold nuggets a specialised metal detector can be purchased. For the novice treasure hunter a multi purpose detector is a good start.

Locations – Where you will be treasure hunting is important when you are deciding on the detector to purchase. Some are better in highly mineralised areas that other. Sandy beaches need a detector with a good ground balance and if you intend to hunt in the surf or underwater a water proof detector is a must.

How experienced are you? – If you are new to metal detecting a basic detector with a few features is probably the best to start with. More sophisticated detectors have many more features but a steeper learning curve. Novices who purchase a detector with a wide range of features tend to be the ones who give up in frustration.

Weight – .This is an important consideration as you will be spending a lot of time swinging the detector around and you will easily get tired if the detector is too heavy.

Price – the more sophisticated and feature rich the detector the heftier the price. For a fun hobby and a quick start opt for a cheaper detector with fewer features that will be easier to learn to operate correctly and give you some quick results. For the more experience treasure hunter or those who want better results and are prepared to take the time needed to learn how to use them correctly a more expensive machine with multiple features is the best option.


Whichever metal detector you choose be prepared to learn how to use it correctly. Research the type of soil present in the area you intend to hunt and look up reviews of different models and makes to make sure the one you buy is suitable.

For more information and some good deals Garrett and Bounty Hunter metal detectors check out Garrett Metal Detectors or Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors