Choosing Outdoor Footwear

While hiking over rough terrain good outdoor footwear is vital. I can tell you from experience just how much your feet will hurt if you don’t have the correct shoes or boots. In my younger days it seemed there wasn’t much else to wear than maybe a set of “chucks”.

Outdoor Footwear For All Occasions

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In today’s world however we have not only the luxury of many choices, but also the information available on the huge choices of outdoor footwear. So whether you are an avid hiker that loves the hard to travel trails or a novice out for a stroll there is a hiking boot just for you.

There are several good brands of outdoor footwear available all with a variety of features and price ranges.  How to choose the right brand for you depends on what type of terrain you are on and what type of hiking you are getting them for.

Some of the better brands of outdoor footwear include Hi-Tec, Columbia and Timberland. Hi-Tec offers several durable, high-traction waterproof boots. They have a seam-sealed construction and EVA midsole for excellent comfort. It is a comfortable, rugged yet stylish hiking boot that holds up for those long rugged hikes.

These high-top hiking boots are made of Nubuck leather and are perfect for some heavy duty backpack hiking. Depending on which type of boot you choose they can come in black, brown, grey, taupe or dark chocolate. The prices range from $37.00 to $137.00.

Columbia offers a waterproof hiking boot that has a breathable fit.

The deep tread gets great traction, and are perfect for any terrain, even if that terrain is covered in snow.

These go anywhere boots are especially good if you are planning on walking on uneven surfaces. These can come in a variety of colors such as Tusk/Cedar, Espresso/Flame and Flax/Kryptonite. Prices for these boots can range from $82.00 to $122.00.

Finally, Timberland offers a lightweight hiking boot that is both flexible and durable. These waterproof leather boots provide excellent traction on trails, and have cushioning that is impact resistant.

These boots are very comfortable and offer stability when walking on slippery or rocky terrain. These boots are brown in color. This pair of outdoor footwear can range between $70.00 and $100.00.

Keep in mind that I have only touched on a few of the many hiking boots available. A little homework on your behalf will go a long way to helping you find the boot or shoe you are looking for.

So if you are planning a trip to the Rocky Mountains to backpack up the side of the mountains or walking through a sun drenched field to relax your shoes are of utmost importance.

The correct shoe or boot also takes stress away from your back and the back of your legs allowing you to possibly accomplish more in your day than you set out to do. No matter which of these brands of outdoor footwear you choose you are sure to hike in comfort and style.