Are Online Casino Systems More Fair Than a Pooled Lottery?

Take for instance online slot machine games. The landing of the spin is determined by a RNG (Random Number Generator) in all online casinos. This is done for every spin individually, independently of the previous or subsequent spins. A lottery system is different. The same type RNG will be used to determine which tickets contain the wining numbers but this is accomplished in a collective way “AFTER” the sales and in “RELATION” to other tickets rather than individually. So are online slot games more fair than a lottery?

If a player has an emotional charge over the difference , then it matters in regards to popularity and promotions. But for me I see that the outcomes are just as “fair” and exciting as individual calculations.

Like the video slots coming out for the first time 10 years ago, habits, inherent in our human nature, will be wanting “the same way”, meaning we feel we need to have the slot machine look like the way it always has. But slowly we broke that bond with “normality” and now the video slots do not have the look of a machine standing in a row at a casino. Nor do they just have 3 reels…AND there are embedded interactive bonus features as well. Slowly, over time, slots morphed into an entirely different thing and we are content with this.

In the same way I feel we are needing psychologically the same as we did yesterday in regards to one on one calculations. To me the difference is only a head trip. A collective calculation is just as valid as single. It would seam easier and more secure to the operators and the players to have ALL payouts within a defined time or spin period, online gambling or off line.

Many think that with a lottery style system, the wining ticket could have already been sold so the next buyer does not have a chance. In a limited view point this could be a so. But no one knows which ticket it was… the 1st sold or the last sold. The win is always determined randomly. Also if you where to step out of the apparent flow of time and looked at the situation from an absolute view point (where time exists but not flowing forward nor backward) you would also be able to see that the online casino independent system will not give the player a win even though he is about to place a coin in the slot machine.

The true unfairness of either online gambling casino or land based lottery would be when a human is placed into the equation. Humans could rig the system to have the outcomes slant toward their preferred result. This could be done in almost any system that wasn’t monitored correctly. Perhaps there is an argument that in a preprinted scratch card system the chances are better that a shifted result can take place from human intervention. For instance if the cards were printed as an employ was watching, he could try and distribute the winning tickets to a conspirator. The online casino or the lottery system could be tampered with as well. If the RNG in use at the time of the winning lottery selection was tampered with a bias result could also be effected. But with third party monitoring cheating is a rare occurrences. Different systems are equal in fairness. It could only be human intervention that could possible effect “unfairness”. This could be done in any system.

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