Polynesian Vacations

If you want to visit a tropical paradise but are looking for a unique island destination, consider a Polynesian vacation. Locations like Tahiti have long been overlooked for Hawaii or other more popular destinations, but they are now being discovered for the gems they are. Bora Bora and Moorea are popular Polynesian islands, just a short distance from the main island of Tahiti.

Polynesian vacations offer a beautiful island paradise with sandy beaches shaded by palm trees, crystal clear blue lagoons, unique wildlife and lush terrain. The simplicity of Polynesian island life is welcoming to many. On the islands, you’ll find something for everyone.

Polynesia includes a total of 118 islands in the South Pacific. A Polynesian vacation offers something for everyone. You can lounge on the beach all week, or adventure into the terrain and culture of the island. If you’re the more adventurous type, consider snorkeling near the coral reefs to see some of the amazing undersea life in the area. In fact, the Polynesian islands are world renowned for their snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. You can also hike up many of the volcanic mountains making up the islands, or into the rainforest to see towering waterfalls. If you prefer to stay near the beaches, try wind surfing, jet skiing, sailing, or surfing.

When you arrive to your Polynesian destination, you’ll be greeted with a flower lei and the hospitality for which the islanders are known. Many lodgings on the island have a traditional thatched roof, so you’ll feel as if you are living in a real tiki hut. Of course, you won’t feel like you’re roughing it with the excellent service and delicious food you’ll find during your trip. Some of these thatched-roof huts are even perched directly over the water, with glass floors so you can see the fish beneath you.

The island of Mooreas is known to be one of the most casual Polynesian islands, although all of the islands are generally relaxed. There, you can visit a Tiki Village to learn about the myths and traditions of the Polynesian tiki culture. No matter which island you visit, no Polynesian vacation should be complete without learning about the native tiki culture. Around the island, you’ll likely see many wooden tiki statues. Some souvenir shops even sell hand-carved versions for you to take home at the end of your stay. A few ancient maraes (temples) are also open for tourists to learn more about early Polynesian culture. According to traditional Polynesian beliefs, the distinctive tiki figure represents the first man. There are several tiki gods, representing many aspects of daily life.

The Polynesian islands are in the same time zone as Hawaii, but offer a more secluded retreat preferred by many vacationers. When you’re staying on a Polynesian island, be sure to sample all of the subtle variations in food, culture, and environment. You may even want to travel between several islands during your trip. Polynesian vacations are perfect romantic getaways, but there are also plenty of family-friendly attractions on the islands.

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