Ollie’s Point Costa Rica

Ollie’s point is a beach close to Playa Del Coco. Mainly used for surf breaks during the summer, this place gained fame after ‘The Endless Summer II’. It was named after US military general Oliver North. This place is approachable only by rented boats from Playa Del Coco. Summer is the best time to head out to Ollie’s point as it provides the perfect flavour for summer fun. This place pales in comparison to the rest of Costa Rica but still manages to have a charm of its own. The development that hit Costa Rica after the arrival of tourists changed many a place except this one. There are no roads from this place and boats are the only means of transport. Once in Ollie’s point, you can forget all your worries and have a blast.

This One Goes Out to all you Surfers

As surfing is the main sport in these parts, a trip without some light surfing is equivalent to a waste. From long board surfing to tow-in surfing, this place has everything related to surfing. Make sure you get your own equipment if you feel comfortable in it. You can also rent equipment at the beach but you may end up with a faulty board. The waves are high during the night times and night surfing is also allowed as the lifeguards are vigilant. You may feel free to ask them for any clarifications. Although there are no camps where you can learn, there are many experienced and qualified swimmers and surfers who will be more than willing to lend you a hand. The high tides can reach a height of almost 10-12 feet, so if you are a beginner make sure you stay clear of these gigantic waves. Swimmers can also have a gala of a time as there are many secluded spots to take a swim. The temperature and climate also make swimming in the evenings a pleasant experience.

Other Activities

Apart from swimming and surfing other activities on the beach include riding motor boats, jet skiing, white water rafting and ocean kayaking. Snorkelling and scuba diving are the favourites among tourists as you may get to see a plethora of aquatic life. Be on the lookout for eels and other fish. As you move towards the Pacific, you will be able to see a few whales and rays. You can get scuba diving and snorkelling equipment at the nearest town. The costumes are to be rented for which you will be asked to place a deposit and pay an affordable fee.

Light My Fire

There are many cottages where you can spend the night. More notable during the nightlife are the camp fires that are lit. You can join up with these gatherings and rejoice. In short, if you want to have loads of fun, then Ollie’s point is the place to be. This place is seemingly close to the area where guns and other ammunitions are smuggled to Nicaragua. So, be careful when intermingling with strangers.

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