Enjoy an Orlando Vacation Even in Economically Hard Times

We are going through a time of economic cutbacks and hardship, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a good vacation. If you know how to get bargain accommodations and makes a sensible choice of attractions and amusements, then it is possible for you to enjoy a vacation in Orlando, Florida even in this period of economic downturn. I would like to show you how to do it.

The first place to start your preparation is in the area of accommodations. Hotel living coupled with continuous restaurant eating can be expensive. Fortunately you have other alternatives if you are visiting Orlando. During the past ten years there has been boom in the offering of vacation homes and condos for rent to vacationers.

So, instead of looking for hotel rooms for your family, it would be wiser to search for a vacation rental home. You will not only get lower per person accommodation costs, but you can save money by preparing some of your meals in your own kitchen.

How much can you save? Let’s take a look at a few examples. Suppose you are traveling with your whole family (spouse, two kids, and one cousin!) you can get a luxurious three bedroom rental home for as low as $115 per night. This is the price that prevails in the low period, but even in the peak periods (Christmas, New Years) the rate is no more than $135 per night. If you are traveling with five people then the per-person per night rate ranges from $23 to $27. If you choose a two bedroom condo, then you can save even more.

Alternatively, if you travel with two families then you can get even bigger per-person savings on your accommodations.

Now if you think that for this price you will be getting a bare bungalow, then you are dead wrong. The rental homes are fully equipped. You get a fully furnished home, with a well equipped kitchen, central heating and air conditioning, either a private pool or a community pool, plus home entertainment systems (DVD) and sometimes even game rooms.

The homes are located in resort communities near to Disney World, Universal Studios and the other famous attractions of the Orlando area. This close location means that you can prepare many of your meals at “home” and then go out to enjoy the sights of Orlando.

Once you have made a big savings on accommodations and meals you can keep your budget low. However, if you are a bit creative with your choice of attractions you can also make other savings.

There are beautiful state parks in the Orlando vicinity which provide you with opportunities to enjoy yourself with swimming, boating, fishing, picnicking and hiking at prices that will give you a break from the theme parks. A good park to try is the Wekiwa Springs State Park located only twenty minutes from Orlando.

If you love gardening and flowers take a stroll through the Leu Gardens in Orlando, and view the magnificent rose and camellia collections there. Mix these low cost attractions with some visits to the must-see, but costlier theme parks, and you be able to stay within your budget.

So, don’t cancel your vacation plans, but learn how to stretch your vacation budget to do more with less.

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