Visit Scotland and Enjoy Fly Fishing

by Angus Macleod

One of the planet’s most popular sports is fishing. While many fish for food or profit a great many folk enjoy the sport for the pure pleasure and excitement. Fishing is not just a line, a rod and a reel, no, there are a great many different aspects to the sport and one of the most interesting is the style known as fly fishing. There are a few excellent fly fishing resorts in various parts of the world with Alaska and Scotland being especially noteworthy but even in a small river there could be interesting challenges and excellent sport to be had.

Fishing is one of those sports which is suitable for all types of person ranging from the young schoolboy to the avid professional angler. Maybe this is one of the main reasons why the sport is so popular? Or maybe the popularity is due to the most incredible surroundings enjoyed while fly fishing. One thing is for certain, the keenest anglers are well prepared to rise before the sun and be waist deep in cold water as the sun rises over the horizon able to enjoy the scenery and fly fishing at it’s very best.

In Scotland it is not rare to find yourself on the banks of a beautiful river surrounded by picture postcard scenes. Early in the morning it is common to come face to face with deer, stags and other creatures. Otters are creatures of habit and if you happen to be fishing near one of their runs you may witness an otter or two playing in the water (not so good for the fishing but a wonderful sight all the same!).

When fly fishing in Scotland you are able to choose from a number of world class locations which include the famous rivers of the Tay and Spey. Besides these there are plenty of other salmon runs and too many lochs of all different sizes in which to fish for other species such as rainbow and brown trout. grayling and pike.

When planning a vacation in Scotland and if you are planning to spend some time fly fishing it is often best to book a special fly fishing vacation package as most places are for private fishing only. It is possible to purchase a very reasonably priced day permit for the vast majority of sites but it is far better to book a hotel in Scotland that has it’s own fishing rights to a local loch or nearby salmon run or one of the many other packages available. At the very least arrange your fishing before you arrive or enquire where to gain a permit.

If a group of you are taking a trip together fly fishing vacation packages are perfect for group bookings. Such packages help greatly in the organizational aspects as well as other important factors such as employing a local gillie. If you want to get the best fishing and obtain the most success an experienced gillie can make a world of difference. Such a person will know exactly which flies will attract a bite in any given situation, location or weather and, most importantly, he will also know the best places to find the fish!

When first starting out in the sport of fly fishing it is incredibly important that you receive sufficient training until you have picked up the basics and avoided some of the pitfalls and bad habits to which many fall prey. When taking a vacation in Scotland you may wish to take a little instruction and if so you should ensure that your chosen instructor is suitably qualified. A.P.G.A.I. (Advanced Pro Game Angling Instructor) qualified instructors are sufficiently experienced to offer virtually all anglers tuition, not only beginners but also seasoned anglers too. By employing the services of such an instructor you are likely to pick up a few tips that will remain with you for life.

One of the most difficult things to decide upon when planning a trip to Scotland is choosing exactly where to base your vacation. Many choose the popular and well known locations along the Tay and Spey while others choose to visit more unusual places such as the isles of Harris or Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Wherever you choose to stay you are almost guaranteed superb fishing, spectacular scenery and a memorable vacation.

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