Self Catering On The Isle Of Harris In The Western Isles

by Donald Macdonald

Have you ever imagined yourself relaxing on a beautiful coast on a far off archipelago questioning the meaning of life? As the rest of mankind bowl along their every day matters you will just lie down and relax. The Hebrides of Scotland are an archipelago of such islands and islets abounding in fantastic landscapes and beautiful shores. Maybe the prettiest of regions is the island named Harris.

If you are thinking of taking a vacation in the Hebrides Isles why not consider basing your vacation on the island of Harris. You will discover that there is loads of Accommodation on Harris available throughout most of the year and one of the best ways to stay is in self-catering accommodation. Hiring a self-catering house near to a beach is really easy, these days you just get yourself onto the web and use Google to search for it. Sadly it is usual for some accommodation to be reserved over a year by satisfied visitors to the island. Obviously it is immensely important that you book at the earliest opportunity, waiting for a few days or months could cause you to miss out.

Isle of Harris Self Catering is truly brilliant the property is always clean and tidy and highly comfortable whichever Isle of Harris Self Catering Accommodation you book. While visiting the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides/Western Isles you could consider a excursion to Lewis (isle of) where you will be able to enjoy a number of highly popular places of interest and landmarks such as the beautiful and well known Callanish standing stones. The Callanish standing stones are thought to be[spin]among the most [spin]important (and remarkable) in Europe.

Not far from the Calanais stone circle is Dn Chrlabhaigh(Carloway) Broch which is an ancient iron age twin-walled drystone building of which the usage is unknown (but a great many folk consider it was defensive). Throughout the Hebrides you will find an incredible number of sites of special interest. It would seem that wherever you lay your eye you see a strange outline of rocks where once there was some kind home. These were once a type of home named a blackhouse.

These days there are hardly any blackhouses in the Western Isles/Outer Hebrides. There are a few that have been conserved and a couple that have been renovated and modernized and available to rent. Happily there is a blackhouse available as Accommodation in Harris at Scarista on South Harris. This astounding cottage-like building is bordering onto one of the most enchanting beaches on Harris (and the Isle of Harris is widely known for having some of the greatest beaches in Europe.

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