Romantic appeal of Paris

One of the favorite city destinations in Western Europe noted for its romantic appeal is Paris; also known as affectionately as the City of Lights. No visit to Europe would be complete without a short stay in Paris; there is so much to see and do that often only the main tourist attractions can be fitted in.

Visitors flock to see its many wonderful buildings; the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre must not go unmentioned. Fortunately for tourists, Paris has a first rate transportation system; the Metro underground train network will probably be the main method as it runs regularly and reaches every part of the city.

museum paris

It wouldn’t be possible to visit this city without a trip to the top of the famous steel structure known as the Eiffel Tower; it’s visible throughout most of the city but the views from the top of this huge steel structure are even more impressive. In the evening the illumination means it can be seen for many miles; guided tours are available where the patriotic tour guides give you an in depth history and an insight to what it is to be French.

If you plan on spending some of your traveler’s checks in Paris, then a trip down the Champs Elysees is an essential part of a trip; with shops, cafes, and restaurants littered along the wide pavements, it is a ‘must see’ for every visitor. This is an ‘up-market’ area that attracts thousands of tourists each day; the exclusive five star hotels situated in this more select part of the city might be out of most visitors’ price range.

This city is also the home to the renowned Louvre Museum; it holds in excess of 300,000 pieces of art, which cannot possibly be seen in a single visit. A short stay in Paris only ever allows a small appreciation of what is on offer; the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo statue just two of many appreciated works of art. What makes Paris special is the number of artists that have been attracted to this great capital; chances are that you will have the opportunity to see a number of famous paintings whilst you’re visiting.

Another famous Paris attraction is The Arc de Triomphe which was built within the first decade of the nineteenth century; it provides visitors with a wonderful photo experience because it contains the names of every one of his generals. Although not generally well known, the Arc had an observatory installed after it was constructed to provide views of neighboring areas; it can be found in Charles de Gaulle Place at the intersection of twelve avenues including the Champs Elysees.

Of course this article can only give a small sample places to visit; although no trip would be complete without seeing these, they are probably best viewed as part of a guided tour, some of which are actually free. Paris short stay vacations should only ever be considered as tasters for what is a truly magnificent city; a longer break here will be necessary if you really want to experience everything this wonderful city has to offer.