Excellent Sources Of Fun In Jersey City

by Chris Channing

Jersey City, New Jersey is a wonderful tourist attraction for those passing through or looking to stay. With almost a quarter million people running the streets on a daily basis, there is a lot to interact with and do in this hustling and bustling city.

Getting around the city might be tough for tourists who haven’t rented a car during their stay. But if they don’t mind taking public transportation, there are plenty of places that can be reached via the many sources of transportation. Jersey City has many rail stations, ferries, bus stations, and even a few airports to take advantage of.

The “sights” in Jersey City are plentiful. One of the biggest attractions is Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Both items are largely associated with New York, but they are indeed jointly shared between the two lands. The Statue of Liberty is just a short distance away from Jersey City, whereas it stands two miles away from the New York shores.

The largest clock in the world, the Colgate Clock, also resides in Jersey City. This is a very worthy look for tourists, who should realize that the clock may not be around for too much longer. Because it has been taking up a now-abandoned lot, the Colgate Clock is likely to be moved in the near future. It is unclear whether this may even happen or not, but tourists should get pictures of the clock while they still can.

Jersey City is especially friendly to females, who just love to shop. There are a total of ten different shopping districts to visit in Jersey City- each with their own style and different shops and goods. Jersey City commonly brags that their sales tax is only 3.5%, compared to the 8% or more that other states and locations abide by. As such, Jersey City is considered a hot shopping location for tourists.

There are also a few parks that will enable tourists to relax and take in the sights. Liberty State park, Leonard Gordon park, and Hudson River Waterfront Walkway each have their own distinct styles in relaxation and entertainment. Those who are familiar with the Statue of Liberty probably already know about Liberty State Park- which is situated near the landmark in question. All three are considered to be a must-see for any tourists in the area who might be passing through.

In Conclusion

New Jersey itself is a great place to visit, but Jersey City should be on the front of the list of places to visit if a traveler is making their way through. Be sure to visit the parks, shopping districts, and the Statue of Liberty before leaving!

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