European Vacations

by Trip Wend

Start here to plan a wonderful European vacation! There are many ideas and recommendations here for a two to three week visit. It’s important to do travel planning before you embark on your trip. You need information about Passports and currency exchange rates as well as the most important places to visit.

For traveling in Europe in airlines with cheap airfare usage of diesel cars are cost efficient and also the diesel fuel is available in all places of continent and it also cheaper than gasoline. There is enough to do in any of Europe’s major cities to spend the whole two to three weeks in any one of them.

“What are the important and best places in Europe?” is the one of the question asked by many travelers. Most of the traveleras have imbalance mind at the time of visit to Europe. Here some ideas for traveler are about the best vacation cities.

There are so many wonderful cities in Europe. Among them are Paris, Rome, Athens, and Venice, not to mention Florence, Barcelona, and Munich, or of course Amsterdam or London. It’s best to visit England (London) between May and October; don’t forget to include the Tate Modern, Victoria and Albert, and British Museums, plus Buckingham palace and Westminster Abbey.

No vacation in Europe is complete without a visit to Paris. This most famous and largest city in France is at its best in September, leading to a tremendous number of visitors at that peak tourist season. Book hotels or lodges early to avoiding uncomfortable accommodations during that period. Don’t miss it!

Another best city to visit is Amsterdam, Holland. Amsterdam can have rain at any time. Off season tourists will be rewarded with enough decent weather to stick around. April-May is tulip season. Summer is good for sun worshipers, July and August is the peak season, but there’s nothing like brooding off, season clouds for this photographer.

Before visit to this continent, the traveler considered the summer festivals in Europe. Here some details about summer festivals Redentore in Venice, Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Salsburg Festival, National Eisteddfod of Wales, Festival d’Avignon, Helsinki Festival, Palio di Siena, L’Ardia di San Costantino in Italy, Ghent Festival. If you’re in southern Italy in early July, and you like festivals that have gone on since ancient times. d’Avignon celebrates July 8-27.

Looking for adventure and thrills? Look no further! The Haute Route in France, established almost a hundred years ago link together two of Europe’s premier mountaineering centers, Chamonix and Zermatt, has been tamed just a little for use as a ski route or high-level mountain hike.

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