Dream Destinations with Expanding Adventure Travel Industry

by Clinton Maxwell

Adventure travel is a fairly new incarnation whereby people have reinvented the vacation. Approximately fifty years ago, adventure travel began its ascent in popularity among those who wanted to go on excursions where the focus would be rigorous outdoor activities requiring skill. Climbing mountains, spelunking, rafting, etc. are activities done on this type of travel excursion and most people are practiced in each sport but there are tours given where certain activities are taught.

The adventure travel industry has expanded into stressing the activities done in unique destinations instead of the sights of that same location. Therefore, for an excellent vacation filled with an incredible amount of physical rigor, pick an adventure travel tour instead of a regular outing. There is no time during these types of trips to do the touristy stuff like take photos because you are actually doing something and not just looking at something. And an adventure travel tour allows for interaction with the native people of various regions and an opportunity to experience their customs firsthand

After the seventies, the adventure travel industry has expanded to the point that it has become an industry that allows for great financial gain for those employed within it. Many people from economically challenged countries have found good money in being tour guides to for adventure travelers. The advantages of inexpensive travel has become well-known and understood among travelers who educate themselves about which locations are worth a visit and for how much. Therefore, many upgrades have happened in the adventure travel industry to fulfill travelers’ wants and needs. So, ecotourism, safaris and tourism focused on specific interests have seen considerable growth in the number of them yearly.

The adventure travel industry has also received demand for more traveling related products. Accordingly, the industry has responded by providing products cheaper than if they were to be purchased elsewhere outside of the industry. Also, there has been more demand for more upscale service in adventure travel. Travelers do not want to be confined to a bus and look at the same old humdrum tourist sights. They want to get involved, participate, and get their hands dirty. They want to feel as though they are connected to a region in some way and how better do that than to make memories there by doing some of the native activities and such.

The business of adventure travel has taken up and overcome all of the obstacles by taking great strides in the high quality nature of the adventure travel tour, such as durable equipment, well trained tour guides as well as manufacturing various adventure travel related manufactured goods and services. The business of adventure travel is exponentially growing and establishing itself in more and more companies across the world, but it is using the experience of old to inform future better decision making-which in turn makes for better adventure travel tours

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