10 Things You Would Like About Kauai, Hawaii

by Phyllis Wheeler

Looking for a place for a sun and sand vacation? Perhaps you’ve thought of Hawaii. But maybe you think it’s too crowded.

If you like less-crowded vacation spots, you should definitely consider Kauai, Hawaii’s least-traveled large island. Here are 10 reasons why:

You and your kids may really enjoy simple snorkeling. Just put on mask or goggles at any beach and watch the colorful fish.

2. You can find great surf on Kauai and also tame wavelets. Those are on the sheltered south side.

3. You can kayak the rivers and ocean beaches, and you can zipline through the treetops in the rain forest, courtesy of island outfitters.

4. The coast of northwest Kauai caught the eyes of several Hollywood directors, who used it in movies from South Pacific to Jurassic Park to King Kong and Raiders of the Lost Ark. It will catch your eye too! Take a boat, kayak, or helicopter to see it.

5. You can use frequent flyer miles to get there.

7. Scuba divers will like the safety factor of diving under U.S. liability laws.

7. Do you like crowds or dislike them? If you want to get away from crowds, Kauai is the place for you.

8. You get to see monk seals and sea turtles at the beaches. Don’t feed or touch! They are endangered.

9. You can find out all about Niihau, the neighboring island forbidden to outsiders for nearly 100 years, 17 miles away.

10. Your vacation may be cheaper than you think, especially compared to some other tropical destinations that are not in the U.S. You’re using U.S. currency, and that will help.

So, consider Kauai!

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